Through diversity, strength emerges

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There has been a lot of back and forth within the governance channels lately on BFXs candidacy. EOS Nation welcomes all types of Block Producer candidates.

Our diversity will be our strength.

We welcome candidates with different skillsets, from different backgrounds and jurisdictions.

The constitution will lay out the rules of play which BPs must abide by in order continue on - we encourage everyone to inform themselves before casting their votes, ultimately the community will decide who they want representing their interest at the Block Producer level.

EOS Nation is looking forward to collaborating with other Block Producer candidates as we build bridges with communities from around the world.

BFXs candidacy opens up new opportunities, to develop shared understanding, and initiate dialogue. We understand that building trust takes time, but patience pays. A large player like this entering the field is certain to attract a greater level of scrutiny and we're confident the EOS community will rise to the challenge of ensuring BFX is kept to the highest degree of trust, which goes to all other BP candidates, including EOS Nation. We expect nothing less.

Let’s focus on trying to ignite leadership in other people... If we expect greatness, we will discover it! A global community is possible, and we aim to make it a reality.

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