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Before explaining the relationship between the two, I'll give you a little introduction on both.

What is GOLEM (GNT)?

It is a decentralized system of renting of processing capacity (CPU) for "rendering", artificial intelligence, or for moments that need an extra power to ru your minnig rig (when the price of the processing is low) , run a heavy program, play videogames or whatever CPU is needed. GNT is the currency that is used to make the transaction between both parties.

What is Moore's Law?

It says that number of transistors in the chips would have a 100% increase, by the same value, every 18 months. This theory has somehow became true.

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GOLEM (GNT) Vs Moore's Law

Nowadays science says that Moore's Law may become invalid, implying that the supply of processing speed is even greater. If this happens we know that the supply will be larger, that´s good for the world, specially cryptoworld, because it will take a huge amount of processing for PoW (eg BTC minning), meta data analysis, artificial intelligence. We are in need of absurd need of processing. If it is also true that we have quantum evolution on the one hand it is also true that we will need decentralized power to protect ourselves from bruteforce attacks (eg Ddos attacks) and GOLEM can help there.

CPU Efficiency (Power Consumption Vs Processing Speed)

Apparently it seems that we have reached a time when the energy efficiency by processing speed is maximum. This means that processing will become more expensive. This means that for each CPU output we will have a higher energy consumption. While this is debatible with the developing technologies, the truth is that it seems that we have reached the maximum of efficiency. This topic raises debate as we enter into quantum processing. There are contradictory theories regarding quantum efficacy, that is, it is a mystery.

Demand and supply of processing capacity (CPU)

We would then be faced with my analysis at an inflection point where the demand for processing would start to be greater than the supply and more expensive.

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Because the team, although slowly, fulfilled with its roadmap, is extremely undervalued, will launch its mainet soon, and is the door to a gigantic market. It will require tremendous amounts of processing. It will be the oil of the Sec XXI in my opinion.

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Very impressive description.. as par chart its sure become expensive..


I am pretty shure of my analysis :) thanks for the comment.