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Hey guys,

i just searched on Bitcointalk for new pivx clones and potential #skyrocks and thought about creating some 'ethereum smart contract' with better distribution than ico + pos staking. And suddenly i found a coin starting today, where u provide your ETH address as 'Genesis address' and receive some amount in an airdrop. Website will be online until 5pm UTC, so i couldn't resist telling this to my crypto friends, just in case, u can thank me later on #skyrock time :P
here is the Thread Link:
and the website where u provide your ETH address : http://minereum.com/
you can get an ETH address on www.myetherwallet.com





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awesome man, thanks for sharing. !!

no problem, you can thank me later ;)

;) will do for sure

going to become Minereadär :D

I have given it a bash. You never know!

thats just what i thought ;)

Ah, too bad I missed it. Thanks for sharing though.

sorry, was too late unfortunately only 2 hours left

This minereum is really worth something now and trading with over 200 BTC volume already :D
Check it out on this exchange: https://livecoin.net/?from=Livecoin-w679e3ed

I'm currently doing an article on minereum and happen to find your post. Did you manage to submit your eth address as "genesis address"? MNE is now averaging $8.

Fav/Retweet this to get Minereum added on Bittrex!


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@BittrexExchange @Mr_Elinskiy Actually, I should have just said, "retweet/like this if you think $MNE on bittrex is long overdue.."

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still no chance but keep trying ;)

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