Everipedia Launches on EOS!

in cryptocurency •  7 months ago

Everipedia.org has recently launched on the #EOS platform. Check out the IQ Airdrop page for more information.

You can stake your IQ tokens for Brain Power <Follow the link for more details.

But that is not why I am writing this article for you guys today. One of the most amazing features about Everipedia is that it is immune to censorship unlike its predecessor wikipedia. This feature is not particular to Everipedia but was inherited from the EOS platform, though it was one of the main reasons Everipedia decided to launch on EOS.

Larry Sanger founder of #Wikipedia is also a co founder of Everipedia. Everipedia is already the largest english encyclopedia in the world and is the first encyclopedia to exist on a blockchain.

Check out this WIRED article for more details about the specifics.


Information is power and Everipedia is already on track to becoming the cumulative source of all knowledge and information from around the world and throughout recorded human history.

Decentralized and open source this vast and powerful technology will breed enlightenment and freedom and it is created and controlled by the community. The internet has allowed the human race to collaborate and communicate on a global scale but where information shared has once been banned or outlawed #Everipedia will become the standard.

The information I provide as an editor can be viewed in #China and if someone in China decides to edit the information I can in return view the edits. This is the way the internet was always meant to exist..

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I believe Everipedia will be a great platform. The best part is it's built on top of blockchain.

Everipedia, It's going to be one of the big projects on the EOS network, in theory immune to censorship, it's going to be very helpful for people who are in places with little freedom, to discover the truth.