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RE: Some Analysis on CryptoBridge BRIDGE.BCO

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None of us are sure, what all of this means. But it is important to be aware alerted and understanding of what is happening. BitShares is in a turbulent times right now. Without solid facts and understanding of the numbers, we could easily make wrong decisions. We need CryptoBridge, OpenLedger, Gdex, Rudex, and the other exchanges to be making money, running solid business plans and developing on the platform. If they are not doing that, we have a problem.


So the news came out dec 1 that cryptobridge is shutting down. Cryptobridge is the biggest BitShares portal and has been for a long time. BitShares is basically dead/dying. CN-vote ended all workers by upvoting the refund 400K worker. Basically ending the funding for workers. Openledger and Cryptobridge have not been profitable for some time due to lack of volume. The BitShares experiment is coming to an end. Time to withdrawl all cryptobridge funds before dec 15.

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