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Crypto art

Today, I'm showing you a new piece of crypto art that I have tokenized on SuperRare called Face in the Dark. The piece is an animated gif created using digital adaptations of a dark-field monotype print that I made.

What is Rare Digital Art?

Rare digital art, aka crypto art, is limited-edition collectible art cryptographically registered with a token on the blockchain. Blockchain technology allows unique, provably-scarce tokens to be held and securely traded from one collector to another.

Source: https://superrare.co/about


Original monotype print and plate the piece was developed from.

pink inkmarks.png

'Face in the Dark'


You can find Face in the Dark on SuperRare.


Some of my other pieces on SuperRare


About SuperRare

What's the motivation behind the project?

Our mission is to help artists make a living on the internet. The world needs more art, and we believe that artists should be able to make a living doing what they love. We think the ability to secure a percentage of secondary-market revenue for artists is one of the most revolutionary and exciting capabilities provided by Ethereum smart contracts. It’s analogous to a musician receiving a percentage of sales for a vinyl record issued, say, in the 1960s and still being bought and sold in used record stores today.

Source: https://superrare.co/about


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As always, I am fascinated by this image. I like the final effect, but I also like that frontal image, first, where the face looks like a mask taken from the future. The feminine faces of each side, give that frontal face without eyes (your distinctive mark), but that maintains the hair and some voluptuous lips. Congratulations! Nice day, @opheliafu


That part makes me think of a face pressed against the glass, looking in from the darkness.

I see the image that is definitely dark and crypted. Thanks.


Yes, a much darker feel to this piece than my usual colour palette. I think because my starting point for the creation of this style of work is dark-field monotype printing - so it begins with an inked out plate.

i am upvote you to please upvoteme

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good jobs friend

@opheliafu hello dear friend, congratulations for the power to surprise us that you have through your beautiful works, I gta gutt a lot of the work
thank you very much for these beautiful visual gifts that you give us every day