That the crypto market

There have been many huge dumps in the past. And everytime Bitcoin price did recover within hours or days.
(I'm not talking about the bubble 11/2017-3/2018).

More people on board, less impact whale dumps will have on price. Sooner or later, we'll get there.

Variation is the part of this industry and no body knows whats gonna be next. What we can do only assume the things to achieve something better. After looking the graph i am feeling a down a little bit but i am not losing the hope and looking for the best to come out. Hopes are alive :)

Yep I am also disturb but I hope it will change soon we wanna see these lines upward....

So there was a little pump and dump, so what?

If you don’t see what is wrong, I won’t bother to explain.

What precisely?
Going up with 5% within an hour?
And going down with 5% within a few hours?

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Ridiculous and highly disturbing

People distrust crypto but they trust their banks lol.

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