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Hello @nickg & @lukestokes after searching online for hours last night for a LIVE Cryptocurrency Spreadsheet and finding the one made by Pablo Yabo in March 2017 I realized that his spreadsheet wasn't at all what I am looking for.

So I figured I'd solve the problem for the Steemit Community myself.

I'm now building out a LIVE @CoinMarketCap Spreadsheet that we can use for daily snapshots of all 100 Cryptocurrencies.

The spreadsheet automatically refreshes every 5 minutes!

When I'm done I'll invite each of you so you can use it how you wish, or we can track certain digi-currencies together.

I'm Using the =CRYPTOFINANCE call within the document I'll show you how to build your own with an upcoming Steemit post in a few days.

=CRYPTOFINANCE("XXXYYY", "total_supply")
=CRYPTOFINANCE("XXX", "change", "1h")
=CRYPTOFINANCE("XXX", "change", "24h")
=CRYPTOFINANCE("XXX", "change", "7d")
XXX is the coin, e.g. BTC
YYY is the fiat money, e.g. USD

Also see:
How to get crypto-currencies rates and more in Google Sheets
Live Updated Cryptocurrency Investment Tracking Spreadsheet (Update 2)

What other ideas can we come up with to make this Spreadsheet more AWESOME???

***NOTE: the #ERROR in certain cells is because the Cryptocurrency has to be only 3 characters, but some are more, for example; DASH has 4 letters so certain cells cannot go live.

Here's a sneek peek of the Live CoinMarketCap Spreadsheet:


Where can I get a copy?

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