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What does every girl dream about? Of course, about precious stones. Diamonds, topazes and agates, each will find something that she likes. If the flowers wither after a few days, the machine will break and become obsolete, then the stones will pass through the ages and will inherit granddaughters and great-granddaughters. In the Middle Ages, the jewelry box was considered the most expensive dowry. Years passes, but the popularity of this gift doesn't go down.

But as you know, the higher the cost of any thing, the more there are scammers who are ready to sell you a fake.

When you come to the auto show and see the car of a certain brand, you don't doubt that it came from the conveyor of a specific manufacturer. But when you come to the jewelry salon you necessarily start looking for a sample on gold and silver. And if the precious metals have this distinctive sign, speaking of its origin, then on the precious stone there are no marks.

And it's here that the biggest problem of this market is the falsification of stones. And this is not only a chance to buy a glass, instead of an expensive stone, this is an opportunity to buy stolen goods.

The precious stones market is rather narrow, as the entrance to this industry is closed to ordinary customers. Diamond mining is carried out in 25 countries, and this process is far from being is simple. As you know, a diamond is a processed diamond, the price of which is many times higher than the original cost of the most durable mineral. The year of 2013 was significant from the point of view of the jewelry industry, at the auction the lot was presented weighing almost 60 carats under the name "Pink Star", at the auction it was bought for 74.1 million USD.

The GLITZKOIN development team has studied the main weaknesses of this industry and proposed their solution for implementing the blockchain technology, from the stages of their extraction to the stage of sale.

Needle in a haystack.

In order not to get lost among the parties of diamonds, each of them will be assigned a personal identifier that will allow tracking all movements of the stone. In this case, information about all actions is entered in the decentralized database, from which it can not be deleted or adjusted.

Blockchain will ensure transparency of all conducted transactions and exclude the possibility of appearance in the chain of third parties. This system will simplify the interaction between the participants in the purchasing process, even if they are on different parts of the world.

And what if they steal it on the way to me?

This is out of the question. Transportation of the stone is under strict supervision. This reduces the amount of documentation created during the move. Before the diamond is sent to the buyer, all its characteristics are recorded in the database, in which its estimated value is displayed. If the buyer does not set himself the goal of personal use of stones, he can leave it with the seller and himself as a seller.
Valuation is an honest tool in this market. Since often sellers can embellish the dignity of the precious stone and overestimate its market value.
To simplify the work on the GLITZKOIN platform, developers introduce an internal currency with the same name. This will eliminate the possibility of intermediaries and frauds with finance in the process of buying / selling.

Union - as a way to deal with scammers.

The platform will unite sellers, buyers, insurers and logisticians. All stages are accompanied by a certain set of functions and procedures, whose task is the need to build an honest partnership among all participants in this expensive market.

GLITZKOIN - a new approach to long-established relationships in this market. Such a project will be useful not only for regular buyers and sellers, but also for skeptics who bypass this industry because of the large number of problems that arise.


More information can be found on the official sources of the project:


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Very reputed exchanges will be exchanging this coin and this will make the coin more popular. Waiting for the coin to be exchanged on this exchange sites. This project will be successful in gain a high value as soon as it will be list on exchange. Good work.

I really liked the project, I hope that it will have many new members who will continue to participate in it.

Nice idea! What is a hard cap of ICO?

Hurd Cup 48 000 000 USD, but sold 18 000 000 USD

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Посмотрел техническую документацию, очень всё детально проработано, вплоть до мелочей, проект выглядит достойно

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