Steem Power Give-Away

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I will be delegating 150 Steem Power for 1 month to one lucky participant of the Xemurai Give-Away #1

To participate you need to:

  • Follow @Xemurai
  • Resteem this Post
  • Comment why you should win

Voy a delegar 150 Steem Power por 1 mes a un afortunado participante de Xemurai Give-Away # 1

Para participar necesitas:

  • Sigue a @Xemurai
  • Resteem este post
  • Comenta por qué deberías ganar

나는 Xemurai Give-Away # 1 행운의 참가자 한 명에게 Steem Power 150 명을 위임 할 예정이다.

참여하려면 다음이 필요합니다.
@Xemurai 팔로우
-이 소식을 존속하십시오

  • 왜 당신이 이기어야하는지에 대한 코멘트

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Who is the winner? I think the SP is not a lot if you can do more that will be great. But good job

The winner is @thecappedvillain

HOW WAS THE WINNER SELECTED? I mean what criteria was it based on?

Hey it was randomly generated. In the future giveaways I will give my Community that already support me before the giveaway and I know from texting with better chances at winning.

Winner will be announced in 2 days :) My Sp is Growing constantly and i know its not the world but im planning on doing more giveaways so more people can actually win at some point. Only the delegation period is 1 month so after this another person can win the 150 Sp maybe next time i will have enough Sp to choose 2 winners and afters this 3 winners that would be awesome :)

i wish it would be mine :p

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Wow, I love give away, someone give me an upvote :)
Thank you


Awesome! I would use the SP to upvote good content produced during my contests Steem4Stem.

another great method dear,

Woff, woff!

Hello @xemurai, Nice to meet you!

I'm a guide dog living in KR community. I can see that you want to contribute to KR community and communicate with other Korean Steemians. I really appreciate it and I'd be more than happy to help.

KR tag is used mainly by Koreans, but we give warm welcome to anyone who wish to use it. I'm here to give you some advice so that your post can be viewed by many more Koreans. I'm a guide dog after all and that's what I do!


  • If you're not comfortable to write in Korean, I highly recommend you write your post in English rather than using Google Translate.
    Unfortunately, Google Translate is terrible at translating English into Korean. You may think you wrote in perfect Korean, but what KR Steemians read is gibberish. Sorry, even Koreans can't understand your post written in Google-Translated Korean.
  • So, here's what might happen afterward. Your Google-Translated post might be mistaken as a spam so that whales could downvote your post. Yikes! I hope that wouldn't happen to you.
  • If your post is not relevant to Korea, not even vaguely, but you still use KR tag, Whales could think it as a spam and downvote your post. Double yikes!
  • If your post is somebody else's work(that is, plagiarism), then you'll definitely get downvotes.
  • If you keep abusing tags, you may be considered as a spammer. It may result to put you into the blacklist. Oops!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy Steemit without getting downvotes. Because Steemit is a wonderful place. See? Korean Steemians are kind enough to raise a guide dog(that's me) to help you!

Woff, woff! 🐶

wow,,,,, woff woff ,,,,,,,, :D

thats awesome way to encourage our fellow steemians to be more active in the platform. kudos!

The participation time is 3 days!

Wow, how to qualify for this giveaway. 150 SP is a lot.

No me gusta resteems! :( ja ja

You speak 3 languages?

Very generous kind sir...goodluck to all

I am a new member that is here to becoming a good steemian. I have already bought some steem and am working on getting up to be able to give out more with my votes. I am bring friends and family to steem as I prove to them we can share what we know with other and earn small amounts to start and maybe one day more. I will be sharing that power with many.

niiiiiiiice, a giveaway, i want in, why? why not

Would have been good to see a short description of what is Xemurai here, but it does seem interesting.

Could you refrase the question for me please?

Hello, @xemurai. Thanks for having this delegation offer. I want to win it because I am running a daily splitter contest and sadly it barely gets a good payout pool for the prizes because it only earns red fishes votes. I boost it through bid bots sometimes when I have the money. Basically, no one loses in those, I share the payout with everyone who joins. Any help in boosting my SP would help it, too. So when I saw your offer, I wanna join. Thank you, I hope you keep doing this and help many others. Have a great day.

Thanks for doing awesome stuff like this. Members like you are why the Steem community is so awesome! :)

lovely write @xemurai
I am a new follower for you

I need to win to help get me closer to that 500 SP "sweet spot".

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Give me give me

soon there will be a new give away

Wow. I am excited for tha

I should win because I should win!

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @nikethemutt

I think it'll be a good learning opportunity as I have no idea how delegation works

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @tntdabomb

I won't give reasons t why i deserve it but I will give reason why I need it and its left you to decide about about deserving it.

I want to also build a solid steem power like most whales and help other minnow because trust me, I know what its like to still be a minnow after over two years.

I want to earn more money from this platfor... Yea for my own profile and also to help lots of needy.

I want t finance my charity project help and aid with more money.

Finally, I want to be able to do what you are doing and more.

I feel the same way and basically said the same in my comment. I would love to help other people and realize how painstaking it is to make it on the Steemit platform. I know there's probably a ton of dead accounts from people giving up and moving on because they didn't see any results.

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @arcticfoe

I do not want to win but I want SP, and now I better keep quiet

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @kutrulaju

wasting chances to succeed and giving up on the road is a mistake. Give us everything we can, so that when we fail we feel good and do not want the plan to stop in the middle of the road is to set in the heart be the winner and continue to imagine that you are the winner, when we are getting tired bored in the middle of the road always remember back what we have set in the heart that is the winner.

Our group #unlisteemersph are all new in steemit. My account was the eldest with 108days. Most of us were getting few upvotes most were from our members only who don’t have voting power. We just rely on bid bot’s and free bot’s votes to atleast have votes to increase our payout hoping we’ll increase our steem power later. If you will grant me to use some of your steem power I will help small fishes like me especially the 36 members of @unlisteemerph to continue creating good contents and motivate them to stay within the platform.

Most of our members were students trying to atleast have a legitimate source of income through writing and ease some burden to their parents. By having higher steem power and upvoting their contents will encourage them to write more and continue blogging and most especially help themselves earn even small amount to augment monetary deficit.

We will be very grateful to you for helping newbies like us and we will support you as well.

If you’ll choose us you can deligate it to my account @coolarth or to our group account @unlisteemersph.

Thank you and more power!

I think it's hard for any one person to stand out in a particular way of why they deserve to have the delegated SP, but what I do know is that it should go to a person (hopefully me) who has the passion to write on steemit and share their thoughts/emotions/feelings/etc. on this platform, because it does have so much potential in the years to come. I full-heartedly believe steemit can be the next big social media giant to blow up and I want to be on the top of that wave when it hits full force. I've currently been short on funds which has hindered my ability/drive to post content on the daily, but I can promise you @xemurai if I get delegated this sp that it would reignite my spark to really dive back into writing quality posts, as well as being generous with the upvotes within my esteemed steemit community. Doing all these things with a full heart and a smile on my face
Thank you for your consideration :)

I am feeling so unlucky.

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @iamhaque

I think I should win because 100% of my post payouts go directly to SP. The SP delegation would allow me to give more back to my followers through my free resteem service, my aim is to help others grow and give exposure to under appreciated posts.
I want the steem economy to grow, so I want to put back in rather than take money out of the community!

Please pick me!

I think u are not alone. Even me i was thinking 2 days ago that in the future i also change my setting to get just power up.

Somtimes it's handy to keep sbd, for bots or to buy @steembasicincome or take advantage of services like @dustsweeper.
But @rcr.bis is set up to try and benefit others more than self profit.😊

Yes but some bots also not working well. Or maybe just i dont trust. Will be better if i can buy steem than steem power but that is just for 90 days😔 so i dont know what is the best solution. Hard to grow like this and even i wanna support many bloggers my vote is weak. Maybe the best if u have a strong team to work together.

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @rcr.bis

Thank you, I appreciate your support!

Why? Because “there is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” John Holmes :)

Well said. U can never know what will be in the future. Maybe one of those will help u that u lift up.

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @anquazaru

I should win because i have a chance to... Like everybody else

Congratulations @thecappedvillain you are the winner of the first @xemurai give away. 150 Sp will be delegated to you account.

Congratulations, @thecappedvillain! The key was humility, and faith in one's fate :-)

Wow. Thanks a lot. Can't believe I won. God bless you sir

First of all you tell me why shouldn’t I win? 😁

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @aqreal

Upvote , follow and resteemed, i should win i am from INCREDIBLE INDIA

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @thewestlifeboy

thanks brother i need it i hope i will be the winner

i think i should win because i ' m the poorest unlucky guy in the world! ;(

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @i11nerd

@xemurai I am thanking you from bottom of my heart for being so generous:) God bless you

Because I want to win

I wish to win this giveaway @xemurai. Build more steem power, upvote good posts and give in my all to this amazing community. Steemit is amazing, isn't it? lol

I want to win for me to be able to help my fellow steemians for there growth also. I really wanna win for them and also for my financial expenses I'm being naive saying these things but I believe being honest is a form of being true not only to others but to your self also.

So winning this competition will be very beneficial for a poor person like who is an aspiring blogger and very active in this platform.

Thanks, @xemurai and God blessed.

Hello @xemurai, nice to Steemeet you! :-) And thanks for sharing this initiative with all Steemians!

Actually I don't know if I'd be the Steemit user who most need your one month 150 SP; what I do know is it would allow me strengthen my main activity since I began on this network: curate original publications oriented towards technological, social and/or ecological altruism.

También lo seguiría haciendo en las tres comunidades linguísticas donde estoy involucrado, la anglófono, la hispanófona y la francófona.

Étant donné que jouir d'un Steem Power de 150 décuplerait (littéralement) ma puissance de vote actuelle, certains projets collectifs en bénéficieraient grandement, notamment la "Red Social Ecológica de Guatemala", que je coordonne (, y et un processus de cours ("con-cours") d'apprentissage de la langue française, ouvert à toute la communauté steemienne (

Cualquiera sea tu decisión, ¡mil gracias desde ya! :-)

Hola @xemurai, cualquier persona que sea confiable, tenga un nivel en esta comunidad y maneje buen contenido puede ser el afortunado.
Si me eliges a mi:
Sere responsable.
Lo asignare a personas que manejen contenido de calidad y de su propio intelecto.
Y asi ayudaras a mas stemianos a crecer en la pecera.
es una super gran oportunidad y por supuesto no te defraudare.
Gracias, Gracias, suerte para todos!!

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”giphy (1).gif

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @thetwothomases

Because I have so less steem power wiiine

just want to enter for the fun of it 🙈🙉🙊

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @crptogbox

Good job

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @winner1234

I think i should win because i want to travel and explore round the world and i need support doing that. :)

hope i could win this amazing reward

Upvote , follow and resteem this post. I should be win because I'm second in your comment.

I should win because i will hodl steem power to the day i die!
Steemit is an amazing platform :)

thanks for giving me a chance to upgrate my very lucky...thats y ill be winner....i followed you aswll..

I should win because I am new at this platform and working hard here. It could just save me time. Just being honest :)

Por que con las ganancias que me genere podre darle de comer a mis hijas aqui en Venezuela !!!

Thanks for this opportunity!
I really needed this 150steempower for my good posts to build a community of same people, to promote like-minded bloggers, in other to overcome spamming and other acts that won't bring good future to our community. STEEMIT NEEDS A GOOD FUTURE WITH GOOD PEOPLE.

And I would need this Steem Power to propel this Lady and her Computer on which she creates her posts. Regards


It would be awesome for me to win this give away as I spend a lot of my resources on helping animals that are not well. I provide, them with food, home and natural cures. This is how I spend my time, rather than on myself.

why, why? hmm... its nice to take chellange in this competition and I'm testing steem about one week so this could be nice suprise from you and from universe. What you can give you can get - karma ;)

Karma is everywhere........

It must be so good feeling to be a winner :)

hola amigo xemurai, ¿como estas? es muy interesante tu propuesta y acaso hay alguien que se resista o no quiera ganarse aunque sea por un mes ese SP, creo que e post habla por si solo y la cantidad de respuestas que hay en este post hablan por si solo. Igual quiero decirte que leí algunas de las respuestas que te ddieron y tambien vi imagenes que tal vez le mueven el corazon a mas de uno, pero igual quiero participar, uno nunca sabe cuando puedas ganar. Desde que entre en steemit tengo un sueño, pero para eso necesito dos cosas, o esperar algun dia tener muco sp o conseguir una persona que me quiera apoyar. Mi sueño es crear una counidad para nosotras las manualistas, más que todo de idioma español, aqui en steemit hay comunidades como luv bug, steemit mamas, how to weekly, y muchas más, pero son de habla inglesa, mi sueño e apoyar mas a las Venezolanas, colombianas, chilenas , peruanas, mexicanas y muchas muchas más. Piensalo un poquito y sino puedes aora tal vez lo puedas tener en cuenta para más adelante, de todos modos gracias por esta iniciativa, creo que steemit es una plataforma que cumple los sueños de muchos. mil gracias. Que Dis lo bendiga. Amo las manualidades, mucho mucho mucho. chaito.

I should win just because everyone deserve some luck some time.!

Hi Xemurai How are you? So I joined steemit at the end of last year and just by chance logged in again last night after not using it for months, I have no Idea how this platform all works but I would love to win and would appreciate whatever you are giving away😊😂 But Yeah if anyone is out there that could help me get better at this I would Love to learn more 😁😁😁

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @bobo7

I should win this contest because I love steemittttttttttt

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @eagle42

I would love to participate this so that I can experience how the steem power works. :)

very nice :)

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @qsm86

Oh that's a super idea, I'd be glad to win🙂👍🍀

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @krassi

Nice thought and useful.Giveaway.jpg

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @santhosh121081

Nice thought of giveaway boss.

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @santhosh121081

I should win because I have the intention of keeping doing good content for this community and help my family with the earnings, thanks!!

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @rafaeluriel

Thnks so much my friend be blessed!!

Thanks @xemurai for this great opportunity to win. I am new here on steemit and I don't have much steem power. I am still working on how to get followers and catch their attentions. I am indeed grateful if I could win this for it could help me a lot.

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @prettykath24

I should get that steem power, the only thing I'd do with is vote on good post on my feed. I follow a lot of good minnows

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @dmilliz

thank you..lets see who is the lucky one

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @veerchandna

thank you so much dear for your best of luck to you as well

darth vader.jpg

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @visualsketch

Ohh great work by you dear by giveaways i use SP for the help of new users upvote them

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @zaheerdahri

I would like to get to a point where my vote matters and changes my own and others on this platform

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @mstila

Wow nice give away love the both love people good steemit steempower .

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @nikul567

I feel I should win because I'm working on building a bigger music production community by showing videos of me making music for people to learn form, with 6 years of experience I have a lot to offer, as well as I'll be able to just keep improving my content, as I try and post daily.

With vlogs, live streams and more interactive content in the works.


wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @sangramsingh

I am a winner anytime.

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @laingamba

Nice giveaway, good luck to everyone!

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @attoan.cmt

Am here boss

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @youngerdite

I think this is a good idea for minnows, I am trying into bring people an opportunity of grow,if you think I can do more look at my posts and write a comment telling me what I need to do to change minnows lifes, I'm glad to be a part of it.

Pienso que es una buena idea para los nuevos, estoy tratando de darles una oportunidad de crecer, si crees que pueda hacer más pasa por mis publicaciones y escribeme un comentario diciendome que debo cambiar que necesito para cambiar la vida de los nuevos, ecantado de ser parte de esto.

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @yonilkar

I don't have any great reason on why I should win above anyone else. My account is mostly a game account in which attracts newbies so the extra 150 SP would go a long way in giving them an upvote that is worth something when they win my contest.

Edit : Resteemed using

Hello there! I do hope I will be able tin the delegation. I am supporting different communities, and manually curating more than 30 posts per day. Thanks a lot!

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @iyanpol12

If I were the winner, i would deserve it only because I am new and i am struggling to strengthen my account.

Is there any winner yet?

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @xhevat

Ayudame con steem power para hacer crecer nuestra comunidad hispana

It will be a great deal to me to win and lucky participant can be me. Trying my luck is all I got.

Why I should win? I never had good luck in any lottery or giveaway lol. Is that reason good enough? :D

I should win because I really believe in the power of community and I love Steemit as it is the only platform I've seen where we can share our thoughts and be rewarded for our efforts. I've been here nearly a year and I am just now seeing results. I would like to help other people who have felt discouraged as I have in the past. Please help me so I can help them! Thanks.

New Steemian, the SP will be great to get me started 🙂

wish you best of the luck , you should be winner dear, @imbz

you should give to person that deserve it

thank you a lot

thank you for vote

I shouldnt win because my life is already in good order for the most part and I know many others who work harder at supporting the steem community deserve it more but I would like to resteem for the chance that someone else might be able to benefit as well.

Thank you for this motivation post @xemurai. It is always amazing to see other #steemians helping out the community. I do a lot of videos on self-motivation and valuable lessons for all. I always hope to inspire peace, happiness and, love in the world through the amazing @steemit and @dtube platform. I would love to win so I can go and use my power to help others as well. Have a blessed day.

Giveaway is all small earning people like me need. Keep giving some more giveaway like this