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I will be delegating 150 Steem Power for 1 month to one lucky participant of the Xemurai Give-Away #1

To participate you need to:

  • Follow @Xemurai
  • Resteem this Post
  • Comment why you should win

Voy a delegar 150 Steem Power por 1 mes a un afortunado participante de Xemurai Give-Away # 1

Para participar necesitas:

  • Sigue a @Xemurai
  • Resteem este post
  • Comenta por qué deberías ganar

나는 Xemurai Give-Away # 1 행운의 참가자 한 명에게 Steem Power 150 명을 위임 할 예정이다.

참여하려면 다음이 필요합니다.
@Xemurai 팔로우
-이 소식을 존속하십시오

  • 왜 당신이 이기어야하는지에 대한 코멘트

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Who is the winner? I think the SP is not a lot if you can do more that will be great. But good job

The winner is @thecappedvillain

HOW WAS THE WINNER SELECTED? I mean what criteria was it based on?

Hey it was randomly generated. In the future giveaways I will give my Community that already support me before the giveaway and I know from texting with better chances at winning.

Winner will be announced in 2 days :) My Sp is Growing constantly and i know its not the world but im planning on doing more giveaways so more people can actually win at some point. Only the delegation period is 1 month so after this another person can win the 150 Sp maybe next time i will have enough Sp to choose 2 winners and afters this 3 winners that would be awesome :)

i wish it would be mine :p

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Wow, I love give away, someone give me an upvote :)
Thank you


Awesome! I would use the SP to upvote good content produced during my contests Steem4Stem.

another great method dear,

Woff, woff!

Hello @xemurai, Nice to meet you!

I'm a guide dog living in KR community. I can see that you want to contribute to KR community and communicate with other Korean Steemians. I really appreciate it and I'd be more than happy to help.

KR tag is used mainly by Koreans, but we give warm welcome to anyone who wish to use it. I'm here to give you some advice so that your post can be viewed by many more Koreans. I'm a guide dog after all and that's what I do!


  • If you're not comfortable to write in Korean, I highly recommend you write your post in English rather than using Google Translate.
    Unfortunately, Google Translate is terrible at translating English into Korean. You may think you wrote in perfect Korean, but what KR Steemians read is gibberish. Sorry, even Koreans can't understand your post written in Google-Translated Korean.
  • So, here's what might happen afterward. Your Google-Translated post might be mistaken as a spam so that whales could downvote your post. Yikes! I hope that wouldn't happen to you.
  • If your post is not relevant to Korea, not even vaguely, but you still use KR tag, Whales could think it as a spam and downvote your post. Double yikes!
  • If your post is somebody else's work(that is, plagiarism), then you'll definitely get downvotes.
  • If you keep abusing tags, you may be considered as a spammer. It may result to put you into the blacklist. Oops!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy Steemit without getting downvotes. Because Steemit is a wonderful place. See? Korean Steemians are kind enough to raise a guide dog(that's me) to help you!

Woff, woff! 🐶

wow,,,,, woff woff ,,,,,,,, :D

thats awesome way to encourage our fellow steemians to be more active in the platform. kudos!

The participation time is 3 days!

Wow, how to qualify for this giveaway. 150 SP is a lot.

No me gusta resteems! :( ja ja

You speak 3 languages?

Very generous kind sir...goodluck to all

I am a new member that is here to becoming a good steemian. I have already bought some steem and am working on getting up to be able to give out more with my votes. I am bring friends and family to steem as I prove to them we can share what we know with other and earn small amounts to start and maybe one day more. I will be sharing that power with many.

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