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The crypto-videogames of the Blockchain have finally taken an important boom, with a large growth of computer games that have used cryptocurrencies in one way or another; used the mechanics of Ethereum or Bitcoin to offer a decentralized gaming experience. Blockchain Game, Alien Run, Miner Simulator, Itadaki Dungeon, and Spells Of Genesis are the most popular crypto games available.

The games based on cryptocurrencies became popular at the end of last year with CryptoKitties, the game of raising and commercializing cats that uses the blockchain as a platform. In 2013, the XAYA team introduced to the world the real blockchain game with Huntercoin, executed in the derivation of the Namecoin blockchain, where the players undermined the game's own cryptocurrency (HUC). Since then, they have promoted blockchain technologies with several unique innovations. The developers of these first crypto-videogames have many problems of scalability, speed, cost of hosting servers as they use the platform of Ethereum or Bitcoin.


Let's talk about the problem

The problem that independent video game developers have is that they can not allow deploying servers that can store data and games of many players. This means that the majority of independent videogame developers do not create multiplayer online games, since they do not have the necessary capital to offer a good service and the result is that the big companies in the videogame sector are the ones that distribute almost all the benefits of online video games.

The main consequence of having to keep the games of a video game on servers is the capital that is needed. You have to make a considerable initial investment to buy the servers and they also require additional maintenance and energy costs. Capital is not the only consequence of this problem. The scalability of game clients is limited by the number of servers available. This implies that, if at any given time the influx of players increases too much, to maintain the quality of the service offered, the number of servers must be increased, which takes a considerable time.

Another consequence is the fall or saturation of the servers. If there are too many games to maintain due to an excess of players or there are pending transactions to be validated, the servers become saturated and may even become disconnected. In this case, all the game's clients are deprived of being able to play through the Internet, since the multiplayer system will not work. The consequences of this are disastrous for the company that has developed the game and maintains the servers, since it can lose players who have been dissatisfied due to the lack of a good service.

When we talk about scalability, we can cite an example of what happens in Ethereum. In Ethereum for example Etherscan, is the search engine that allows you to search, confirm and validate transactions, however, this has multiplied by 8 the number of pending transactions since the demand for crypto-videogames began, which generates discomfort in users time to make any type of transaction. Scalability is a major difficulty for blockchains and particularly for the world of massive video games.

What is XAYA?

It is a platform ready to mark the future of videogames in the Blockchain Technology. XAYA is the evolution of the Huntercoin 2013 experiment. The network eliminates the problems of cost, speed, scalability and efficiency that you have and plague the video games hosted on Ethereum and other platforms. XAYA, the first and only integral ecosystem that allows online games truly without restrictions, without cost, in real time and infinitely scalable, safe and likely to run directly on the Blockchain. Players actually own their assets in the game and the game currencies they can exchange for profit. Cheating and frauds are impossible, games run without server 24/7. And, provably fair games allow for a gaming experience where players can compete for real value.



  • It is the simplest platform in the world for the development of games with different languages: java, Python, etc.
  • Games are published and scheduled on the network, at no cost to developers.
  • Demonstrable, Reliable and Secure Gameplay.
  • Quick and easy exchange of virtual assets at real value
  • Supports the development of massive multiplayer scalable games
  • Wide compatibility of the game engine.
  • The XAYA team has overcome the problems of non-stringless scalability for games (JuegoChannels) and Ephemeral Timestamps
  • Developers can create new genres of exclusive Xaya games: Human Mining and Decentralized Realities (DR)

Important technologies that includes XAYA:

  • Atomic transactions:
    The technology was initiated for the first time in Namecoin, this guarantees the exchange of game assets such as game elements, gam specific coins, complete game accounts, etc. for CHI. This is to ensure that there is a demand for CHI that in turn ensures the buoyant flowering of the XAYA platform.

  • Ephemeral timestamps:
    Transactions move and perform in the main block chain to resolve the dispute, using this technology. XAYA achieves this technology by combining the time-stamping capability of a block chain, the hash commitments marketed, the mining incentives reimbursed and the fraud tests. Therefore, this technology will ensure that the transaction fees agreed upon by two players are never lost, specifically when one of them who is losing wants to leave the game.

  • Game channels:
    The XAYA team is making use of this technology to scale to a specific global size. This technology ensures that payment channels in Bitcoin can be extended and subsequently applied to virtual worlds (games) among numerous players outside the chain. This technology allows games almost in real time in the chain.

XAYA supports a variety of games that can be played and developed on your platform. These games include turn-based games, card-collecting games, real-time strategy games (RTS) / multiplayer online battle scenarios (MOBA) and many other games.

XAYA. New alliances

XAYA includes a variety of games that you can play and develop on your platform. Treat Fighters is the first game that will launch XAYA very soon. This game is developed in the world of Canedoom, in which you prepare the best fighters who try to fight with other fighters.

Soccer Manager is the most played game in the whole world. With the association with XAYA, soccer directors can demonstrate with equity and justice the ownership of the assets in the game. With XAYA's real-time access, soccer players can have the sensation of being present in the world cup games, all while enjoying the platform 100%.



The XAYA team provides important benefits that allow developers to create games within a virtual, autonomous and decentralized world. XAYA is the best video game platform where players have the right to their real assets, assets that players receive when they play within XAYA, when more users join and participate in the platform the new developers will also join the platform, this will increase the flow of cryptocurrencies and the number of transactions that will demonstrate the scalability of the platform. The participation of games such as Huntercoin and Namecoin has ensured the sustainability of the platform, which is why XAYA claims to be the safest, most scalable platform with equity and experience in virtual games.

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