3 Reasons Why Banks and Governments are Terrified of the Blockchain and How that can Benefit You

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Last month I had the pleasure of traveling to the Philippines and filming a series of youtube videos featuring Nathan Senn. Nathan is the CTO of Superior Coin. He is a genius and anytime I spend with him is inevitably filled with learning.

Check out this video of him explaining the Blockchain.

Today I'm discussing 3 reasons why Banks and Governments are Terrified of the Blockchain and How that can Benefit You.

Reason 1. Banks and Governments do not wish to be transparent.

Here is a video example of a Bank and Government working as a tag team to conceal their dealings from the American People.

Not only does Blockchain Technology have potential to bring transparency to financial dealings of Banks and Governments, it can also bring transparency to Elections. Banks and Governments have operated in the shaddows for far too long and have every intention of keeping it that way.

Reason 2. Blockchain Technology takes control Banks and Governments have of Your Wealth and Returns control to You.

The Banks and Government controlling our wealth is inherently wrong. Wealth that represents a month at work, a skill you developed, your time, blood, sweat and tears. These are things a Bank or Government do not own. Nevertheless, they have set up a system that enslaves the common man and allows them to profit.

a. The inflationary monitary system robs the common man of savings long term while funneling that profit to the Banks and allows common men to be enslaved by debt.

b. The inflationary monitary system allows Governments to wage endless wars at our expense that we pay back every year in income taxes in the United States.

c. A Deflationary monitary system that Banks and Governments cannot print at will seriously limits their ability to wage war and also takes the profit they would have received from inflation and gives it back to the People.


Reason 3. The Decentralized Nature of Blockchain Technology inherently opposes the Central Control Banks and Governments Struggle to Mantain.

“It’s just not gonna happen, you’re wasting your time. This is my personal opinion. There will be no real non-controlled currency in the world. There’s no government that’s gonna put up with it for long.” Jamie Dimon CEO of JP Morgan.

So how can this Benefit You?

Look at Banks and Governments running a smear campaign on Blockchain Technology as a valuable Buying Opportunity.

Speaking of Jamie Dimon he provided you with such an opportunity not long ago.



Nice Article and hope there is widespread impact and changes to the better of all humanity. SuperiorCoin is being part of this.

Yes I'm excited about what Superior Coin is doing.

Banks nowadays is not safe a lots of people savings lost :(


Government should mind their own business. They are acting stupid like that because Blockchain Technology might replace them sooner or later. 😂😂

Thanks for sharing! Nice article. I don't see it disrupting the banks too much though actually. Here's why.... People created banks out of demand. They want a place to secure their holdings and minimize risk while getting rewards like interest. Big financial institutions control a ton of stuff, so I see it impacting that, but not necessarily disrupting them. Plus, once cryptos and stuff catch on and are more mainstream and used more, I see banks including crypto banks/vaults as well. I might be super far off, but just my thought :)

Thanks for the comment I'm looking forward to checking out your content. :)

great article. we need to hurt the banks with our wallets and that will force some kind of change.

Thanks Bojak! You did a great tutorial! :)

Thanks Colin! I Appreicate that.

Great article here... The corrupt individuals in these bank systems and governments should be very worried, in my opinion, as there will only be more light shined on to what has been going on

Indeed they have much to worry about.

Excellent post, about time transparency started happening from the top all the way through systems @traylorjonathan

Thank you Joan. Glad you found this useful.

thanks for sharing this info.
govt. should stay away from crypto currency !

So much hope... Thanks for your informative article!

Thank you. I'm going to check out your content.

Nice article, thank you for sharing. But I think That Banks Should Not Be Terrified.

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