"Inve$ting In The Revolution(Crypto)"

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"C0in Mastery" I must say, has some great view points on how YOU should approach
investing. Me and @markush recently had a conversation via email speaking 0f

I just so happened to run into this video 0f C0in Mastery breaking it down quite nicely!

vIDEO Highlights.PNG

  • 924 MIN.PNG into the vid Coin-Mastery teaches how to calculate Market-cap / Volume

@Coinmarketcap - https://coinmarketcap.com/

  • 10min.PNG - Speaks 0n how Bca$h can become the #1 Volume C0in, which I happen to

believe! It's already damn near@a thousand!

  • 11min.PNG - Speaks 0n how ppl start to fear but shouldn't!
  • 1230min.PNG- Speaks 0f a strategy known to be used by veterans like @craig-grant which is 0pting 0ut 0f coins f0r a HOT 0NE currently pumping up, hoping to make up the lost 0f the 0ther c0in tht you just g0t out from(if you got out on a loss) and to make m0re 0n t0p. If your new to @steemit I advise to watch a handful 0f Craig's videos 0n Youtube. This approach in my opinion can be good IF you can separate your trading m0ney from your l0ng-term ;)
  • 22min.PNG into the vid, C.M. speaks 0f "SOCIOLOGICAL REVOLUTION" (type of feel) -

Speaks 0n how China is sensing this renewed energy 0f having this new power 0f m0ney and


  • 22-24.20min.PNG(continuing from above) Breaking down the definition 0f THESIS(Adopting) -

"wHAT Is The Underlying Promise 0f Your Fund"(investment funds).

  • 24min.PNG - tALKS 0n why he likes to pour m0ney into smaller(cheaper) coins with a promising

feature. It has to be a coin that
is aimed to disrupt....


"Coin Mastery" is legit! He thinks exactly like me, Crypto-currency wise that is! lol Just like 'C.M.' I too knew Bitcoin-Ca$h would be a t0p contender. I mean, this is Bitcoin's bloodline 2nd generation! Look@what happened to ETH, it left poor ETC (Ethereum-Classic) in the dust! I now see BTC as an acronym f0r "Bitcoin-Classic"(BTC).

As he started to speak 0n NEO, he got me hyped and s0ld on it. Big ups to @markush as well because by us having that recent conversation earlier, a light bulb went off in my head
I was basically telling @markush that we can still play with the Big b0ys with the Big C0ins by putting whatever amount we can afford and still be apart of the profit when it pumps. So try not to feel it's too late to make some bread 0ff 0f the m0re expensive coins. Depends what your situation is currently like I guess! If your positioned to grab m0st of the popular coins, then your good!
But if your tight with m0ney(like most 0f us) then cheap promising coins are the way to go as you will gain more shares(coins) thus gaining more profit when it's your c0ins turn to shine :D

If your serious with investing 0r are just starting to consider investing, this video is a MUST WTCH!
1st NE0 Purchse_$4.91@0.00959993($40+)_8-19-17.PNG

1ST NEO PURCHASE @$40 Using 0nly $4.91 I will start to add-on everytime I get paid fr0m my bitcoin-mining from now on and place the rest into RDD 0r whatever coin I hold that needs attention(growth).
I set three RDD BUY 0rders lastnight and tw0 were filled this morning thus leaving me with an extra $5 0n reserve. I had used $20 with f0ur breakdown BUY 0rders($5 a piece). My first RDD 0rder yesterday was spot(instant)@25Sats.
S0 yeah, I am n0w a proud owner 0f NEO ;D Feels good to say that! lol So now if the price darts UP 0ut 0f the blue before I acquire a whole one and m0re @least I won't feel bad as I will be making some m0ney seeing my acc gr0w along the way.

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Just bought a couple dollars of neo. I thought don't Don't start none don't be none.. a few dollars wont hurt me.

Btw thank you I all ready made a few dollars on RDD and Dopcoins :) since you were talking about it.



Good video.


I see your ears are opened!
My b0i @markush doin his thang!
Glad we really had that convo cuz I ndz to stop acting like I missed the boat when a coin that I am not apart 0f, goes up. We have missed the boat 0r ride up during that time-period BUT we can still be apart 0f the next ride up, regardless 0f how much we have invested on any given coin.

Be Careful Ne0 Bittrex_NE0 iNSIDE tHE mATRIX.PNG