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From the point of view of cryptomonedas, many experts point out that the decentralization of cryptomonedas is due to the fact that crypts are not regulated by any government or financial authority and, therefore, are not subject to the policies and agendas of the Central Banks, so cryptomonedas self-regulate through their own peer-to-peer networks. Its backing is given by the trust it receives from the investor community and the consensus of all is required.

If we associate this description with the previous definition; we can see that experts speak more of a regulatory process than decentralization itself; since they point out that it is not regulated by governments or banks, in this sense, cryptomoneda can be considered decentralized because its control is distributed in a certain anonymous network of developers that enables users' transactions to achieve payment. The authenticity of each transaction is protected by digital signatures corresponding to the delivery addresses, allowing all users to have total control when sending from their crypto-currency addresses.

Onam has been born to cover all the deficiencies that are presented in the different exchanges being this one an exchange that fulfills the regulations and offers reliability, rapidity and security.

What is Onam?

ONAM is a platform that allows the exchange of crypto coins safely, quickly and reliably, has incorporated various security devices as it has incorporated business security where there is risk control, advice and environment advanced and simple for the customer.

Onam wants to improve the service provided to the client by making the interface easy to use and providing clients with a variety of tools for the user to securely execute their transactions and investments.

ONAM takes the user experience to an excellent level, this platform offers different functions, lower interest rates and promises investors security and reliability to avoid market manipulations, in addition, you can customize the way of operating according to how the user prefers and learn various techniques from the experts of the platform.

Road Map

Supported Assets at Initial Launch

The large number of trustworthy coins offered by ONAM at its launch is a guarantee to demonstrate the commitment they have with their users, promising to enlarge their portfolio as the platform develops and grows.


ONAM is the exchange that offers the best benefits and is also interested in the quality of service it gives to its users, is a platform that needs to be taken into account as it complies with all regulatory frameworks and protects from market manipulations.

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