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everyone does crypto coin investor today I'm gonna talk about a nice hood that is being endorsed by the vattic butyrin who is the founder of ethereum now while he is not listed as the official advisor of this ICO he is publicly endorsing it he's tweeting about it so we know that he is you know keen about it so what is liquidity Network it is a premium cryptocurrency transferred solution that uses off chain payment hubs to relieve stress from the blockchain itself so it is for the option payment that allows two nodes to communicate directly with each other this allows them to send receive funds for our cooker then they would be able to do it on the Atari amount Bitcoin network the best part about it is the more the users are there on the liquidity network the faster the transaction is philippi another huge advantage of this network is that the tonsils are free you know because the transfer will be far quicker via off chain payment hubs the transfers can be completely free the reason why the transition costs have gone up so much on the traditional blockchain is because of the immense power cost that are required to verify each transaction for instance one Bitcoin foundation these days cost around zero point triple zero five BTC on an average the third major advantage of this type of network is the blockchain security the liquidity network will still be backing up all of its data and storing its decentralized user information on the interim blockchain this makes the data stored on it incredibly secure so what is the issue that this ICO is trying to solve you see if the block she never wants to see mass adoption and widespread use as a global payment system it needs to work on the barrier of slow transaction times and high transaction cost basically dark chain needs to become faster and cheaper than credit card networks simply clearly network focuses primarily on option transactions they can speed up roms first and don't have to be hundred percent reliant on how slow the blockchain might be on a particular given day the token sale will be happening on 14th of June and will be ending on 28th of July token involved here is lqd + 1 + QD will cost 61 cents the hot cap is yet to be announced but we do have a some information on the soft cap which is going to be 15 million dollars if you are from USA China Taiwan or Canada you won't be able to take part in the ICO but of course you will be able to buy the tokens later on when coins hit a particular exchange one of the best things about this ICO is that they are promising a fully working product by the end of 2018 they already have the prototype ready but the prototype is only ready for the eternium only in the future they are playing to integrate support for the Bitcoin neo and many other coins the only negative I see is that the network is not the first ICO to introduce the option transactions but this one has widely been praising them so he soaked about this ICO well I'm taking part of the Desai's here hmm perhaps anyway if you are interested in the liquidity dot network IC o---- I have linked up white paper in the description down below and this is their website you can visit it I've also given it a link in the description down below I hope this isoh successful because I totally think that they are actively seeking solutions to solve the blocks and scalability issue and if they are able to get a fully working product by the end of 2018 it will be a big win for the cryptocurrency as a whole that is why I made this video and by the way it is not sponsored by anyone so do your research and if you like the size you do take part in it make sure you like this video if you found the information mentioned in the video useful and subscribe for more cryptocurrency and IC news bye bye

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