Glance on Lympo's team

in crypto •  5 months ago

When taking a look at the Lympo family, one can not skip past the fact that, the team itself is actually focused on improving their mind, body and health. Across the team we see sports vary from mental(poker, chess) to phisical(fitness, skiing), to even spiritual(yoga). Every team member has and knows his/her own place, as most of them are experts at their field for at least 3 to 5 years.

Among advisors, on the other hand, are personalities such as "TonyG", a well known poker player and a member of European Parliament. As well as Dr. David Manset and Bill Angelidis. The ever growing count of partners tells, that Lympo is a very transparent project, including athletes like Caroline Wozniacki and Andrius Gudžius, the World champion in Discus throwing.

And the more partners and supporters, the further the project will expand! As always, stay cool and stick around to hear Our thoughts on the market measures.🤙

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