Sero knowledge first ever privacy project that provides full privacy protection on blockchain

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Hello everyone, in this article I will talk about sero knowledge privacy project which is trying to stand out among other privacy coin with the assertion of reliability and also have easy to use crypto saving wallet supporting multiple sero assets crypto currencies.

As we all know the crypto world that we all know has been subjected to many attacks in the past. Many people lost all their investments because of these attacks. People are always at risk of losing their money. People couldn’t even reach the funds that were lost as a result of massive attacks. Many people cannot trust the crypto market in this case. Many of us use crypto exchange wallets that are not so secure. In these wallets where no private keys are given to users, people cannot actually own their own funds with all these aforementioned problems at hands, sero knowledge team came with a 3:1 suite that can provide a complete privacy protection solution for DAPPS issue on ground


Introduction to sero knowledge
Sero knowledge is the only and ever blockchain system privacy project that perfectly realized the complete privacy protection of blockchain , it comprises of three vital components namely, Sero, Alien and Castrol which can all be defined as follows. SERO is a privacy cryptocurrencies platform supporting smart contracts, ALIEN protocol is a protocol that can solve security problems
within the transmission of information in decentralized networks and CASTROL is a protocol that protects decentralized networks and provides privacy protection for every node in the Internet

Problems currently facing the privacy projects


Leakages of users’s data
Right to privacy. Who holds our personal data, and what are we or “they” allowed to do with it? What presumptions can we make about the personal data we share online? The likes of facebook , Yahoo, Uber, PayPal, InterContinental Hotels Group, US credit agency Equifax, UK National Health Service System(NHS) have been criticized of compromising millions of user’s data due to lack of data security protection

Blockchain privacy risk
I think we already know by now that Bitcoin is a public blockchain. Which means that anyone can join the network and can use it freely without any restrictions. And transactions on it are public as well that makes jt easier for hacker to trace it back to it source by analyzing the transactions in a global ledger

Decentralized Privacy Protection Tech
The team analyzed privacy project likes Zcash, Monero and Dash and tackled the situation tactically by changing the transactions process without changing The transactions result such in a way that attackers wont have The complete transactions information

Propounded solutions by sero knowledge
Sero knowledge is the only and ever blockchain system privacy project that perfectly realized the complete privacy protection of blockchain. It changed The design of the blockchain structure and various underlying protocols ensuring Turing complete smart contract for privacy protection comes to pass and many more solutions illustrated in their whitepaper

As you can see, the privacy issues are not just about being hiding things because someone is a criminal or not as some would have you believe. Instead, it’s a much-needed, complex debate about how we can balance privacy, security, and safety in an increasingly transparent and dangerous world. We should have that discussion before it becomes too late. Reason sero knowledge have comes to the rescue to provide full privacy that likes of monero and dash cannot provide. It is a good privacy project that I urge my readers to invest in before The price blow like monero and dash


Author btt username : supremacy1


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