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RE: Crypto bull market vs bear market

in #crypto2 years ago

I've heard nothing good come from Bitconnect. So i'm glad to see it gone. But on the same hand I'm very sad cuz I had some close friends who invested with them and they lost a lot of money!!! I wish there was a way to get the coin back they lost.


They have a major class action lawsuit against them. I'm not sure if i like that or not because it defeats the point of "decentralized" but at the same time they need to get whats coming to them. I also lost money with them.

Im super sorry to hear you lost money also. I hate seeing this happen to anyone. I felt sorry for my freinds who I brought into USI Tech just before they locked up. But they repeated the same quote I constantly told all of them, dont ever invest any money that is going to keep you from paying bills or will take food off the table!!!! The market is unpredictable and can go south at any time! But can go the other way also! Hopefully you guys will recover what you lost from Bictconnect, reinvest and keep on going.

you are absolutely right, luckily i only invested what i was willing to lose. thanks for the comments.