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How does the liquidity capacity to scale and support millions of users?

The liquidity network is private and transparent, which allows users to access a high-tech liquidity network.
Taking advantage of the power of computing together with blockchain we generate a speed of exchange.
One of the most interesting and important things of the payment centers, the funds of each person manages it itself and are never retained by the server ie the transfers are made from user to user, as well as people who are afraid of Internet transfers this could be your solution.

How is the liquidity capacity to make centers outside the chain of clients solve the problems of high transaction costs?

Liquidity capacity emphasizes the balance of guarantees. Payment centers eliminate a large part of the work that is generated at a level and a computational scale that allows transfers to be cheaper, faster and more accessible.

What are the benefits of maintaining? The control of your keys. Private relationships in the same way you would with decentralized services while computing is handled by an efficient centralized server?

Thanks to the centers are kept with the privacy codes of the network of Lightning Network and Raiden. Having the option to send funds through different protocols.

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