Invested 500 RHB and Staked! EZ Walk through

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It's time to be an early adopter to invest into RHB to the newly launched

The site has launched in the last 3 days and I tested the platform to see its potential.

From the comments and DM, I noticed that there are many new people using these nitrous sites.

For this reason, I will give you a walkthrough how to buy RHB and STAKE (a very important step) to make your investment worth. Many people just buy and leave the RHB in the balance. You need to go to the next step to STAKE!

Step 1

Go to Steem Engine to RHB Market

Step 2

Scroll down to the bottom and Buy


  • Right now, the price is .2 STEEM / RHB
  • I decided to buy 500 RHB so I key in 500 there
  • It requires that I need 100 Steem for this purchase
  • Click Buy

Step 3


  • It will then take you to this screen to confirm
  • Check token: RHB
  • Check Quantity: 500
  • Check price: 0.20
  • Click Buy

Step 4

After you buy, go to Steem Engine to check your wallet.


  • Once bought, the 500 RHB will appear in your wallet
  • 500 RHB is under the balance column

Step 5 STAKE

This is the most important STEP

Most people just stop at Step 4 and wait, but nothing will happen if you don't STAKE.

STAKING on Steem Engine is like POWERING UP


  • the blue arrow points to the padlock
  • you need to click on this padlock to STAKE

Step 6 Confirm STAKE


  • check to user
  • check amount: 500 RHB
  • Click STAKE RHB

Step 7

The 500 RHB Amount will move to the STAKED column


It is now STAKED!

Now, you can go and create posts, curate, and upvote quality posts on the platform to make more RHB with your investment.

Comment below and let me know if this is helpful for you,



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Thank You very much for this careful how-to-do directions.. I will be staking more today.. Good luck to you on this platform

Thanks for this, I read one of your posts and I went and commented on the intro post, is the Airdrop still ongoing or it stopped hehehehe.

Thanks for the tutorial, I also made a post explaining Realityhubs to my followers yesterday, will buy and stake some today and see who it works out.

I believe the airdrop will happen some time this week.

It hasn't begun yet, I think a week and a couple of days more from today, but you can stake while we wait.

I thought it had started when the platform was introduced; I never knew it hadn't....... So it'll be over in 3 weeks time?

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I'm still thinking if I should invest more...... Just confused...

Try the platform and see how it goes for you.

Kk.... I'm up and running.

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I also invest some steem. I bought 100 RHB & stacke them.

I am Investation 11.800 RHB

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