Some crypto coins that should 5x very soon (Next Alt Bull Run)

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Everyone with a pulse is looking to cryptocurrency to make 100x gains these days. The market is filled with "newbies" that came pouring in within the last 3 months after the great Bull run we had recently (think Dec-Jan). All of them expecting enormous gains for their chosen coins.
Many speculate that those days are gone, I personally say NONSENSE! We will see those market swings again and again for atleast the next 4 years.

Thats where I come in, You see, I wanted to throw a bone to my crypto brethern. Those that are tired of seeing all red on their Blockfolio app (isnt that the worse..UGH) and want to start seeing some real winners when this bull run returns.
So without further ado, here are the coins I have researched that should atleast 5x when the bull run returns. (I could explain my research criteria to anyone who loves to read nerdy stuff, So don't hesitate to inbox me if you have an questions about how I came to to choose these coins, BUT if you read the info provided, I think you will see why they were chosen)

It is currently 0.026637usd
on January 1st it was 0.018788usd - Jan 9th it spiked at 0.102768usd
it is currently 0.1345552usd
on Jan 17th it was 0.059632usd - Jan 22nd it spiked to 0.305628usd
it is currently 0.398485usd
on Dec 6th it was 0.27325usd - January 4th it was 1.66usd
it is currently 0.039445usd
on January 1st it was 0.046093usd - Jan 4th it spiked to 0.254791usd
it is currently 0.031486usd
on Jan 3rd it was 0.039736usd - Jan 10th it spiked to 0.333860usd
it is currently 0.211024
on Dec 30th it was 0.153783usd - Jan 10th it spiked to 1.38usd
it is currently 0.147355usd
Jan 1st it was 0.172584usd - Jan 10th it spiked to 1.50usd
current price is .61usd, HOWEVER it has gone up to 7.27usd in the past (nov 2013)
It has gone up to 1.58 in last 90 days
current price is 0.45
on Dec 27th it was .72usd on Jan 10th it was 4.63usd
currently 0.43usd
on Jan 8th it was 0.39 - Jan 11th it spiked to 2.63 usd
currently 0.028usd
on Dec 30th it was 0.02usd - Jan 8th 0.22usd
currently 0.11usd
on Jan 10th it was 0.06usd - Jan 12th 1.28usd

(honarable mention)
currently 0.05usd
on Dec 20th it was 0.01usd - Jan 8th it spiked to 0.13usd
current price is 0.04usd
on Feb 9th it was 0.008usd - on Feb 11th it spiked to 0.22usd
currently 0.19usd
on Jan 31st it was 3.34usd
currently 0.04usd
on Dec 18th it was 23.87usd - on Jan 14 it was 177.63
currently 0.047
on Dec 13 it was 9.04usd

Keep in mind we are in a bear market, So you can expect to see these coins and many more like these come back to ATH during the next bull market run. DYOR though.

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