Segwitx2 going live tomorrow

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SegWit2x went to the bitcoin test servers on July 14th so far it's being well received by miners and some businesses, which is the reason for the recent rejuvination of bitcoin's market value, a little trust is back in the market.

The problem isn't over though, a lot of users like SegWit2x but not all, nearly all the core developers still oppose the implementation and many businesses and node holders.

While it's looking promising right now August 1st is still d-day for bitcoin as this could still result in a split that would be disastrous.

What can we do? Not a whole lot except hodl until August 1st and hope the majority adopt SegWit2x preventing a split in the currency.

Its going to be a long week or so until August 1st, let's hope that the 80% adoption rate needed to prevent a split is reached!.

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Erm, not really.
So far SegWit finally has great support on both sides. The 2x is the problem, but we can solve it later.

Also, SegWit2x won't go live tomorrow, first we need the lock-in period of BIP91.

This should help you out:



Yes thats much clearer than what I was reading, yes then SegWit2x won't be live untill august blocksize won't change until the adoption % locks it in.

But it's coming from the test servers and starting it's lock in period on it's way to activation.

I was reading that a lot of core developers still don't want to increase the block size which is where the split could happen.

Can't keep a good thing down.

nice post man !




I think the imminent lock-in of BIP-91 is driving the price action this evening. As of this post only 5 blocks until lock-in. I think it could go even higher after lock-in.

Activation of BIP91 likely means there will be no fork or split of BTC on August 1st.

Track it here:


Jeez I hope so I heard they were locking it in but needed a certain % of adoption to avoid the split. Is the activation of BIP91 increasing the block size to 2mb? I thought it wasn't until 1st august the 2mb blocksize will begin?

I think we will reach 80%. But there are some saying that if hard fork does not happen on 1st of August . It will happen on 1st November. I started this month on steemit and I am going to Upvote and follow you. Please do the same, if is possible. Thank you.


A split is still at threat because a lot of the core designers still oppose SegWit2x


Yes. You are right but at the same time there are many who want BIP 91 to succeed too. Let see what happens.

they are going to destroy the chain by doing that affecting the value of the btc on the market


It will mean faster transactions but less security and I'd imagine quicker mining with the double blocksize?

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