GRAFT - The road to the new millennium - paying or accepting crypto has never been easier.

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GRAFT - The Organization of Universal Payments

¿What is GRAFT?

"GRAFT has long finished their ICO, and has a functioning MainNet. GRAFT allows businesses, small and large to start accepting cryptocurrency payments without any hassle."

The Blockchain Works with PoS, PoW and PoL

That's right, with Graft small and large companies, they can choose to contract their services and start accepting as a payment method cryptocurrencies. Many businesses currently want to start incurring in this new world but do not know where to start; Graft will be the instructor for those businesses placing their resources, technology and products at the disposal of interested clients.

"Built on Monero (CryptoNote), leveraging both proof-of-work, and proof-of-stake techniques, Graft represents state of the art in the blockchain design"

Benefits for merchants:

  • Real Time Authorizations (Instant Confirmations) RTA
  • Low Transaction Fees
  • Special Transaction Types and Smart Contracts
  • Free Point of Sale App Accepts All Payment Methods
  • Fast Integration

Now, the million dollar question, ¿How will GRAFT make this possible?

GRAFT with the creation of innovative products will turn your mission into a reality.

GRAFT Mobile POS App

"GRAFT Mobile POS allows merchants to accept cryptocurrencies. With this application, merchants can use their iOS/Android mobile device to accept payments!"

GRAFT Mobile POS for iOS
GRAFT Mobile POS for Android

It is correct, the merchant, business or company, you should only have access to an Android phone or IoS; install the GRAFT application and start accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method, if you listened well, with the new GRAFT multipurpose technology it will be possible to accept different cryptocurrencies and not just the GRAFT token.

With the massive adoption of GRAFT, it will not be necessary to change your cryptocurrencies to fiat, save that commission that bothers us so much and make cryptocurrencies the new millennial payment.

¿Are you tired of looking for stores where to spend your Crypto with different options?

"GRAFT CryptoFind allows users to find locations that accept crypto! This application allows merchants to update their status as well as for users to find those stores."

GRAFT Terminal Integration

"Most stores, from convenience to large chain retailers, use payment terminals to handle payment. Traditionally this allows the stores to take payment with payment forms such as debit and credit cards."

"GRAFT has been able to integrate on both Verifone and Ingenico payment terminals. That means existing store-owners can install a free application onto their terminal and start accepting payment in crypto!"

GRAFT Integration and Fees

As I mentioned before, GRAFT brings us solutions to the large commissions charged by the central entities to their clients, with the integration of GRAFT payments, the commissions for credit card uses will be charged to the merchant and not to the client, ¿But will this be striking for the merchant?

Transaction Fees

  • Credit Cards:
    "Typical credit cards charge merchants somewhere around 2~3% for every transaction."

  • GRAFT:
    "For RTA based GRAFT transactions, the fee is a constant 0.5% across all volumes, plus 0.25% to 0.75% for SLA & services.

This means that GRAFT costs the merchant about half of what credit cards are charging them!"

Real Time Authorizations

"GRAFT is currently working on RTA(real time authorizations).

In order to make payment processing feasible, the first critical step is to make transactions as close to instant as possible. Customers can't pay for a product and wait 30 minutes for a confirmation."

With the RTA system the success of GRAFT is assured, since one of the great problems of cryptocurrencies is the time of confirmation and the scalability of them. That is why with the instant confirmation RTA paying with cryptocurrencies will be like paying with your debit or credit card.

The objective of GRAFT with RTA is to make payment with cryptocurrencies a normal, common and efficient payment.

Now. ¿Are you a merchant, have a store, company or e-commerce and want to know how to start using GRAFT?

Here you will find out how.

And here you fill out the form to start and take a step to the new millennium.

And if you want to know more about GRAFT or contact directly with a team member:

If you want to support the mining project, here you will find a group dedicated to mining-

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