it's very cool, easy to see and find information as mapping all contents. Did you use some system to make this?

Larimers missing under key people c'mon man

I love this map, but this is a glaring omission.
I thank you for mentioning it, or otherwise I would have considered it the gospel.
Is Bitshares the first decentralized exchange?
Is Steemit the first decentralized social network?
Thanks to Dan Larimer (and to ranchorelaxo, haejin and rewardpoolrape the man himself) I saw this map now.

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What do you think about this analysis?

Nice map, very interesting :)

This effort of yours must be appreciated. I downloaded for a better view for understanding.

What software did you use to build the mind map. Very cool

Great map.... I downloaded to have a better view on a larger screen. The map is nice though, I can pick out the centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Also, I think I see the key people in cryptocurrency like Satoshi Nakamoto, Elixzabeth Stark and Terry Duffy.

I have been straining my eyes to pick them, I need to view on a larger screen.

Nice photo all the way...

thanks for your information

Resteemed, @ranchorelaxo, great post I love this mind map, it brings together so much disjointed information about the crypto world into one place, I might print it out and put it in my study. Cheers Scott

@ranchorelaxo Hi, I'm sure this is a great map. But is nearly impossible to distint the great/lacked information. Is there a way you could possibly edit the graph? Thank you. Best wishes.

right click with your mouse, copy the address of the picture, open a new window in your browser, copy the address of the map in it.

Nice! .. there's always something to be learned :) Best wishes and Happy Holidays :)
Thank you for the help.

upvoted.. resteemed.. plz upload higher resolution image.

@ranchorelaxo looks awesome. I am always looking for excellent visuals like this to help explain crypto to my friends, family and coworkers.

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