1000X your investment! Upstake Exchange - Unique Cryptocurrency platform! Token value increases hourly!

in crypto •  5 months ago

Hello Everyone! Before you dive deeper into this article wondering whether to believe the title or not, let me tell you with 100% conviction - you are going to be a millionaire at zero risk. Sounds impossible, right.

Well, not really. I have been following this project for 3 months now and they have delivered on their promise. My investment has multiplied by 10 times at zero risk and over the next couple of months, I am going to 100X the same investment. This is one of the biggest revolutions in crypto industry!

Now, before any of you start thinking of me as a nutjob, let me get down to the point.


Upstake is a unique cryptocurrency exchange which started its operation in May of this year. The exchange works on a unique concept where the token price of the UPS coin is locked for every hour. Traders can buy and sell at the specified rate for that hour. More interestingly, the token price always increases and is already determined for the next 2 years.

The exchange creates a demand and supply by burning a portion of tokens at each trading hour. This creates a stability and therefore increases the value of the coin.

At ICO stage which lasted for 3 months and just got over, early investors like me could buy the token for 0.5$ each. At the time of writing this article, each token is valued at 5.64$. Whoa! Thats already 10X my investment. What more? The price of each UPS token will be 10$ in October(2018), 50$ in May(2019) and 500$ in April(2020).


If you don't understand this, let me be clear- the token cannot ever be dumped. If you are one of those people who could not get their hands on Bitcoin during its early days, this is your opportunity!

Additionally, I have to provide some details. The team of Upstake is anonymous, but so is the team of Monero. However, I can rely on this team since their support is amazing. They reply you back within 12 hours and get the job done right away. The telegram channel has some amazing admins who keep the positive vibe up and are working tirelessly to promote Upstake.

Do go through their official website: https://upstake.com/landing/main?sponsor=ompi
Do you want to be one in the line of next cryptomillionaires? Now is your chance!

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Interesting project, def worth checking out...

Guaranteed profit? In my opinion, caution should be the order of the day. The whole thing brings back memories of BitConnect and other "get rich quick" scams.

Since I don't want to support such projects, I have removed the Upvote, which you purchased through Smartsteem, and use it to increase the visibility of my comment. Don't take it amiss.


I agree with you that caution should be there. Since i have known bitconnect scheme for a long time, I never invested in it since it was a plain scam visible to anybody with little brain. However, this project is unique and when I say gauranteed profit(actually never used those magic words), i have 10X my money already in 3 months. This was just a project I have participated and seen the profits for. What you do beyond this article is upto you. Nobody is forcing anything through anybody's throat!
Caution and FUD are synonymous in 2018.
Thanks for the temporary upvote though!😁

Great project! I want to be part of it!

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Okay, that's 10x your investment. But can you get your money? I see a lot of red flags with this thing already... Be cautious.