My first Coffee sale paid for with Litecoin

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Back in 2013 I first started mining Bitcoin. I have always wanted to use it as a currency rather than as a speculative instrument. When I earned bitcoin I looked for products to purchase with the currency. I have bought electronics from overstock and Newegg, a router from the bitcoin store, coffee, silver from Amagi metals, and even paid my satellite bill with Dish all using bitcoin. I was also a trader on Bitmit selling auctioned physical items with Bitcoin. I love using Bitcoin for its intended purpose.

In 2014 I setup my own coffee ecommerce store at I have paid for the hosting and domain for more than 3 years now. I made some sales early on for ancillary products I sold on the site, but never with crypto and never for actual coffee. I advertised it early on on several sites and even using Bitcoin paid for ads.

When I set this site up I had high hopes for a large influx of orders from people who were interested in using Bitcoin for its intended purpose as a currency. I had pictures professionally taken and a high quality coffee supplier setup, and professional descriptions written by a local advertising firm. I was surprised to not see much interest from the bitcoin community. I had more interest from Individuals within the feathercoin community.

Today I had my first actual coffee sale using crypto! This is very exciting to me! I will probably see if I can update it a bit and advertise it again on different crypto communities. Would any of you be interested in getting coffee you pay for with STEEM or SBD? If you are let me know in the notes below. I'll even setup a Steem brew to sell if there is interest!

I want to make it clear this was my contribution to crypto ecommerce. I don't actually make much money after supplies and costs. I also have multiple jobs so this is a hobby for me. However, I am hoping now that crypto is in the mainstream maybe there will be renewed interest in using cryptos as actual currency.



Very nice post, beautifully presented and explained. detail oriented with nice pics. thank you for sharing this with us, Upvoted

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