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Thank you all for participating in this contest.

Finally, the winners of the Kleros writing contest!!!

@jadams2k18 with this submission.
Takes home the first place prize of 71 STEEM!

@dedicatedguy with this submission.
In second place, goes home with a 61 STEEM !

@rosiger1 with this submission.
In third place, takes away 53 STEEM!

Award 4.png

@julioccorderoc with this submission.
In fourth place, takes away 48 STEEM!

@solcross with this submission.

In fifth place, takes away 37 STEEM!

@khanza.aulia with this submission.

In sixth place, takes away 35 STEEM!

@autinf with this submission.

In seventh place, takes away 29 STEEM!

@artgirl with this submission.

In eighth place, takes away 26 STEEM!

@lucyc with this submission.

In ninth place, takes away 23 STEEM!

@oivas with this submission.

In tenth place, takes away 22 STEEM!

@deyvich with this submission.

In eleventh place, takes away 21 STEEM!

@focusnow with this submission.

In twelfth place, takes away 20 STEEM!

@ulqu3 with this submission.

In thirteenth place, takes away 18 STEEM!

@donnest with this submission.

In fourteenth place, takes away 16 STEEM!

@chrstnv with this submission.

In fifteenth place, takes away 15 STEEM!

@olasamuel with this submission.

In sixteenth place, takes away 10 STEEM!

@krathos with this submission.

In seventeenth place, takes away 10 STEEM!

@wakanda with this submission.

In eighteenth place, takes away 10 STEEM!

@celineaugustinee with this submission.

In nineteenth place, takes away 10 STEEM!

@ced000 with this submission.

In twentieth place, takes away 10 STEEM!

9 Steem Prizes:


8 Steem Prizes:


5 Steem Prizes:


2.5 Steem Bonus:


1 Steem Bonus:



Video Bonus!























If your article was missed or there are problems please message @originalworks. We will try to address concerns if they are reasonable. Receiving a memo allows us to deal with complaints in an orderly manner. It may take 24~72 hours to deal with requests.

Please note that this week there will NOT be a contest as we are doing maintenance updates! Contests will resume next week!

Great work everyone!

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Congratulations to all of the winner. Also thanks to @originalworks for giving us one of the best opportunity to improve our economical background. Waiting for the next contest :)


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congrats to all winner, this is great job and great rewards from @originalworks and sponsored kleros


Dapat posisi ke 6 selamat Kak



As usual, thanks so much guys, for the great job. Always appreciated. Glad you aren't tired of seeing my face. Lol


Lool we're not tired but let's swap places for just a weekend bro :( . Congrats !!


Hmmmm.... that's a good idea @danielwrites!!:)


Hahaha.... You crack me up. There's space for all of us there... Hehehe


Lol I'll keep trying . You guys are more of a motivation to me :)


Check my post about vertex. Perhaps, you can put in an entry. The link is there.


Yeah I did one earlier , but it's for Vertex's publication airdrop. Guess chances are better there 😂. I'll check out yours


No, @solcross, we'd love to see you more often at the top ;)


Lol. Thanks for your kind words bro. Congrats to you too. By the way, @monajam has a contest open, in case you aren't too tied up, and haven't seen it... seeing this weekend is freed up by @originalworks


Oh, you mean the one on Vertex. I have seen that @solcross. I will be participating, now that there is some time available.


Oh is it? Sure, will try it out. Thanks mate!

Thank you @ originalworks, for this enriching contest, every day I learn and appreciate more, it is a way to help many people, infinite thanks and the successes continue every day.

I loved the experience of participating, I will be looking forward to the following contests. Thanks for the opportunity and big congratulations to all the winners.

Congrats to all the winners! Sadly I didnt make it on time.

Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you @originalworks. You guys are doing an amazing job.

Congratulations to all the winners. The contest is becoming stiffer and much competitive. I love it. Much better luck next time.

Thanks alot. For this gift and decent finish

Thank you to the team

pls @originalworks. i cant find my entry on the list. This is so not fair 😭😭😭.
Here is my link https://steemit.com/crypto/@cjofficial/the-blockchain-dispute-resolution-layer. And got the notification from the bot.pls look into it.


Send your query as a memo. It will be attended to ASAP.

How about the Twitter bonus @originalwork


It was sent. If you didn't get yours, send a memo


Ok thank you i will check again

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But, i m sorry may i knew how to send the memo, please, because i haven't done yet before?

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Go to your wallet, click on your SBD or steem balance, click on "transfer" in the "@" field, put "orginalworks"..... Under amount sending you can type 0.001. Now at the bottom, you will see memo. Write this message in that space. Let me know if you still need my help


Thank you so much...

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You are welcome

Congratulations to all, we must continue supporting @originalworks with this great initiative of contests that it has.
It is a great opportunity to grow.

Wow.. congratulations to the winners.. you all are the bomb!!!

I just found out about you @originalworks and I was reading some of your publications from a month ago to date and I see that they have certain contests that really sound interesting enough.
I will try to live up to their competitions in the next next week, hoping they are more relaxed at the end of the update.
CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS and to continue doing a good job!
PD: Oh and thanks to @artopium for teaching me that your initiative was a good option.

congrats to all winners

I should join the next one...was on a long break.

Nice work guys

Congrats everyone! Thank you @originalworks! I guess, I have never mentioned this but just by bringing us these contests you are helping us know about many innovative solutions out there. So thanks for that!!

Congratulations to all winners

Thanks @originalworks and congratulations to all winners.

Congratulations for being conservative.

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Thank you very much @originalworks and congratulations to all winners


Congrats mate.


Thanks for the comment mate. It has been a good experience and the result of great effort.

I thank God very much.

Congrats to all the winners. Do better next time.

Congratulations to the winners of the contest, @originalworks, I know that my work does not present it on time, due to lack of internet connection and electricity. They would be so kind to see you please, I would be immensely grateful. this is my job


Congratulations!!!! Thanks @originalworks, greetings from Venezuela!!!

Thanks for my prize @originalworks and congratulations to all the winners

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Congratulations all the winners. I also submitted and also made video but not get any reward. @originalworks Screenshot_10.png

I have not been given the twitter bonus :(

I have not been given the twitter bonus :( @originalworks

twitter bonus = 0 @originalworks

Greetings, dear @originalworks . Congratulations to the winners and the participants. I appreciate the initiative of this community for helping us to train in this cryptographic ecosystem.

Congratulations to the jury and all the participants!

Congratulations to the winners. This time is not among the winners, I hope to be in the next contest. best regards.

Thanks for this great opportunity dear @originalworks I'm happy to be one of the winners in my first time participating this excellent contest.
I will waiting for the next contest :D Regards <3

Wow thank you OriginalWorks and the Kleros team! Appreciate it. 😁

Congratulations to all! 👍👍👍

Thanks for the prize!

Thanks alot. For this gift and decent finish

Wow, thanks @originalworks for the price, it's well appreciated.

Thanks friends @originalworks for my prize, I'm happy !!!. I inform you that in the list of prizes my user appears to win 2.5 and in my purse only 2 is reflected.

I know that all the efforts are rewarded, but I hope that in the next contest they will increase the amount of my prize since it is always the same.

I have noticed that in previous competitions there are friends who have consecutively won high and equal prizes; On one occasion they gave him twice.

I hope you take into account my suggestions.

Happy day for everyone!!!

Thanks @Originalworks and Kleros. Congrats to all winners.

Congratulations to the winners, they are worthy of the prizes, excellent work. Thankful to @originalworks for the organization of these contests and waiting for the next opportunity to try harder and try to reach some position :)

How can I participate in this contest?


congratulation to winner

I love participating in this contest, thank you very much @originalworks, for the opportunity, see you next time. Greetings.