Take it easy - until Tuesday

in crypto •  3 months ago

Looking for a lover
Who won't blow my cover
She's so hard to find


Just find a place to make your stand:




And take it easy

Twitter announcement from Bench and the Distributed web (dWeb)


Until Tuesday.......
ouzo and out,

p.s. Please check out @stan's Telegram channel: "Bitshares for Nice People"

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This sounds interesting @onceuponatime.....thank you for bringing the information to Steemit.

Tuesday is the date then.

You have heard of Steemhunt....have you not....their aire-drop is Monday the 13th.....if you have an account with them.

All the best from bleujay/bentleycapital.


Hi @onceuponatime! Nice article :) can't wait for the launch on Tuesday. Thanks for promoting Stan's BTS Channel on your posts. Can you edit and add the telegram link there too? http://t.me/stansbtschannel


I'll let you do it :-)

Can you edit and add the telegram link there too? http://t.me/stansbtschannel

Love it with proper culture mixed in with the content!

DBanks eh? That sounds fascinating, will check it out!


Tuesday. Take it easy until Tuesday :-)


Certainly will! :0)

One breath away!!!


BTS for nice people sound interesting but I'm not really nice.
I'm just not bad. :-)


Well, if you aspire to be nice at least, it may feel like home to you :-)

great video
cryptocurrency is unstoppable


Some cryotocurrencies may be unstoppable - if they move to the dWeb :-)


The dark web? Seems like there would be a lot on there.

Great choice of song once again,
And I'll search more about dBank thank you for sharing.


You'll be hearing a lot about it - starting Tuesday (but remember, you heard it from @onceuponatime first!)

"There at the beginning of the stories you love"


@onceuponatime is it the right time to invest in steem??? What's it's future in upcoming months in your personal opinion???


You are getting to be a big guy now. Time to make your own decisions :-)


Hahaha, sure Sir but my focus is on @appics this time but @steemit is still capturing me

we are on the verge of something extraordinary for sure only time will tell more about it ;)


Tuesday is almost here!

I love the idea of Dbank.

I don’t like Cbanks and fiat anymore 😔!

There are actually already such a versions as @neoxian’s Dbank on this platform already.
For whatever reason video doesn’t play. But I get the idea. Great art though!


What video doesn't play?


I guess there is only one in your post.



So why do you say "For whatever reason video doesn’t play".? You know the reason obviously.

It works for me.


I got your point! I’m the reason. I guess I’m not being worthy to watch it... Oh boy, and the day has just started 😞.

Com on baby, We way lose , we may win <3 what a lovely song.


One of the finest :-)

When tuesday ;-)


In most time zones Tuesday is considered to be the day after Monday.


lol !!

Really awesome wonderful lyrics and song! At first i thought it's a bird then click and found it's a wonderful decorated hand, nice selection.


I hope that you find some other things in the post interesting too :-)

awesome video
cryptocurrencies are the future and we all know this


The Volatility and Future of Cryptocurrency with Teal Swan

Wonderful music sir!
I'm just fallen in love with it.


You seem to fall in love very easily :-)

Remember, anything you "fall" into, you can "fall" out of too LoL

I 'm looking for one too and they are damn hard to find.

Where's placed Dbank? Never know little or lot.

why until Tuesday....????? :)))

Thats a beautiful song, I love it! At least it made me dance for a while :D


What more could you ask of a song (than that it make you dance for a while)?

I love that eagle-hand next one want see a bunny-hand ! XD


hahahah so cute thanks I love this things >.<

Guess better opportunity create daccount until next Tuesday. Only few more times.

Thanks for all your support @onceuponatime!
~ @bluerocktalk🖖

very useful work,i agree and support the program crypto,success is always sir @onceuponatime

Looking for a Lover
Take it Easy.
Amazing song and sound.
Good work @onceuponatime

Will be interesting to see what happens with this.

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Just so you know... I'm going through @onceuponatime withdrawal

Wanna hear more from you. Much like when I go 5 days inbetween posts... I know people are tired of hearing from everyone else but me sometimes.

We have knowledge and spirit to share... so let's do that..

This is me... telling you... a bit more @onceuponatime is needed in life. :)

Your post very importent give me some information about steemit thank you forever.

@onceuponatime, this is so creative with the hand. Love it. Hey I want to let you know that today is my 1st year anniversary. I remember how you came in at the beginning to give me support when I asked you all to guess the age of my hubby. Hey, one year has gone by and I am still on Steemit. Come over to my blog to celebrate with me. Thanks for the initial boost. Never forgot that one. Appreciation goes a long way indeed.

That's really interesting and I think BTS could be a hope for me and I think its a matter of time only.

DBank ! Its sounds amazing. Lets see..... Until Tuesday...

Very exciting!

Sound interesting dude great

well, I'll have to check this out, and great choice with the song, one of my favorite bands, and one of my favorite songs!

Wow, I can't trust. That is amazing. What an art!! really awesome and the music is!!!

Good luck!
All the best for Tuesday!


That launch seems exciting. I need to get back onto Twitter so I can stay connected. I just got so spoiled with steemit that I often forget the others :)

nice video!

I never seen. Awesome work. @minnowhale