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Remember those days

when even a luddite like me could mine a little bitcoin?

ipad photos 060.JPG

Those were the days my friend

ipad photos 059.JPG

We thought they'd never end

ipad photos 058.JPG

We'd sing and dance - forever and a day

ipad photos 026.JPG

We'd fight and never lose

ipad photos 024.JPG

We'd live the life we choose

ipad photos 025.JPG

Oh yes! Those were the days!

ipad photos 062.JPG

Mary Hopkin - Those Were The Days

Over and out,

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I love it! Full 100% upvote.

But dammit, now you've got me singing that song in my head and I can't get rid of it! :-) Oh, that's ok. I like it!


Well, good to have songs playing in your head in case the electricity goes down :-)

Good luck with Irma. She's a nasty bitch!

Yes. Seems that it will be not as bad as the authorities told us. Glad we stayed put here and didn't freak out thinking our only option was to leave.

Ah, gooberment. Best to live life as detached and away from it as possible.

Beautiful song and beautiful singer... What are you mining now @onceuponatime? Let me guess, you are mining now with your mind. Right?

Nope. I'm still mining with my good looks :-)

yep!! case the electricity goes down

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When I scrolled this post, I remembered how the song went. It's still a pretty catchy tune! Thank You for this post

LOL - same here! But I also don't mind as I like it too! 🎵🙂🎶

Great post man.lovely

Although it was challenging but very memorable.

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haha, same here... will have it in my head for the rest of the day I guess :-) In German we call it an "Ohrwurm"

I didn't know that. Ohrwurm is my German word for the day! Thank you!

Hey Terry if you like good music check out some stuff I have posted on Dsound & Dtube. these are good places for good music

Thank you, jesselee. I'll have to check that out.

no problem my friend! have a great d ay and lots of fun

There's a poet on the rise
A sentence, an image
A meaning, stories

Those were the days, those are our days!

Thanks for sharing and namaste :)

Those were the days, those are our days,
Now just a haze, a fading haze.


Those are buried under piles of other cryptos and the P2P Blockchain system now! ;)

Namaste :)

Very nice. What is with the Canadian silver? You turned your BTC into Canadian silver?

Actually, I had other plans for my BTC. But I lost most of it in a Mt. Gox fiasco ( were more than one)

Haven't played this song for a long time, but so true....those were the days. One of these days I will play the song for you in dsound but need to wait until I get back from Turkey. This song brings a lot of nostalgic moments... and yes, we now don't need those wires and computers anymore to strangle us. Ha ha...

Turkey! I'm jealous. Some fascinating history there.

Yes, a different culture and we will be visiting a lot of archaeological sites.

I only started mining on Ethereum one and a half year ago. It was fun time, buying equipment and build it up by myself. It payed out really well now :) . Good old times.

The good old days, yup.

Been a while since I've heard that... thanks!

Alas, I got there "too late."
Took a look, determined it would cost too much.

The irony that in this decentralized world it now requires an "industrial scale" operation to make a dent... is not lost on me.

those were the days buddy those were the days
this is gonna go round my head for quite some time ;)

Nostalgia is a really powerful word.

Its nice to have the memories of those good old days to accompany you in the journey but nobody should ever leave nostalgia affect his current days and his current memories. Don't give space to nostalgia to become remorse, thinking that those days were better than what we have now.

"What if..." is a phrase that nobody should not have in his vocabulary. Live the moment, cause every day is a good day and every day in the crypto world is even better. We are still early adopters. Life is good.

just my midnight thoughts.

perfect midnight thoughts! :-)

They were really fun days, I agree. I enjoyed them too. I remember when I bought my first block erupter at 335 megahash/sec

I thought when I bought my antminer U2's at 1.8 Gigahash/sec it would be a long while before they'd be obsolete. Boy was I wrong.

Just for fun, instead of putting out some Christmas lights this year, maybe I'll hang some block erupters and antminers in my front window and let them flash and see if 1 in 500 trillion chances I find a bitcoin block. That would be a nice Christmas present.

Do it!

I still have a couple of those!

Let's start a rumor that plugging them into your laptop reduces stress and cures bad breath. That way we'll be able to sell them!

😁 miniature hand heaters!

Nice little USB devices to mine. What are they called? Probably worth some money for collectors.

They were called "Block Eruptors" and they were all the rage for a couple of months.

I still have quite a few Block Eruptors to sell you if you are a collector. Of course, if I know you are a collector, the price goes up :-)

Wow you mined bitcoin too! I never got into mining. Well I am a student and don't have the money!! but I do regret missing the opportunity, you know. And even if I had realised the potential of this opportunity, my Indian parents would have told me to shut up for good and study. That's all everyone cares about here. That's the problem in India. Can't blame them that they are a part of this society and are influenced by it, not their fault. I feel sad that arts are not respected in India. Sorry I didn't mean to rant but it's coming out and could go on. Anyway, I congratulate you that you had the courage to make use of this opportunity 🙂 Also, my feelings of nostalgia are really different, somewhere along the lines of being born in the wrong era and in a wrong place 😉 And hey, I sent you a message in your wallet, do read it. Have a great day... or night? :)

I believe that my reply(below of yours at the moment) is addressed for your mindset. I don't have the wisdom and the experience to advise you but I believe that you should leave behind those negative thoughts. Life is good my friend, be positive, hustle and only good things will happen.

Yes, @kouloumos I try to get rid of some really bad thoughts. I do. You are very right about advising me to improve my mindset. I am sure it would help me a lot if I changed it. but it's not easy to change your way of thinking. What you think and how you think is a uniqueness of your personality. I also don't wanna change it completely as I am afraid I may start feeling differently. I think it's good how I feel situations, people and nature. I don't wanna change that. Anyway, thanks my friend 🙂

I slept through those days entirely :/ btw is it possible to use those usb miners to mine other coins like monero or zcash?

I don'st know what else can be mined with them. I stopped mining a long time ago and started concentrating on DPOS (delegated proof of stake) blockchains such as bitshares and steem

Mining is wasteful. I don't do it anymore.

Yes, I agree

Lolll i mined 6btc back in 2010 off cpu mining then the computer hard drive died lolll ffs

Oh well. I mined and bought and then lost much in a Mt. Gox fiasco. Taught me, though, to stay the f*** away from centralized exchanges. That's why I got into bitshares. (and why I don't mine any more)

A luddite mining crypto is something looking almost magic ;)

Magic is all around us!

I remember the day that i had 7 BTC and sold it when it peeked at around 250$ each. Damn did i wanne go back and tell my younger self to keep them and buy more :)

Talk about telling your younger self something, have you read "The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin" by P.D. Ouspensky?

no i did not, but i wil be looking into it.

still early adoption going on, in ten years you hopefully wont say the same ;)

Thanks for the memories. Keep it real.

Like your rig :)

Oh! Those were the days and missed them. I never had enough money to buy a GPU to mine.

I do a little mining now but isn't as profitable as I hoped it would be.

I once heard a story of a guy who lost his laptop with at least a hundred thousand Bitcoin in it.

I wonder what he would have done with all that money if he has not lost that laptop.

Jajaja amazing. I like the title "nostalgia" I follow you

I live in Poland and I heard about Bitcoin, I think in 2012. Friend told me to invest and I told him it's a bubble (I was right after technical analysis books). Imagine my feel of loss :)

I hope that your friend has been kind enough to not keep saying "I told you so!" LOL

@onceuponatime that cpu back look same as mine i wish that i was born little earlier so i could learn about btc when it was launched then I would have mined atleast 50000 btc

You really think so? Lots of people smarter than me looked at bitcoin in 2009 and 2010 and didn't do anything. I didn't run into it until 2011 (read the whitepaper then) but jumped in right away. I was obsessed. There's a million opportunities out there all the time. It is recognizing them that's the sticking point.

First new about it in late 2009 through a youtube video, two dudes buying gas.

That wouldn't have been in 2009. Nobody was buying anything with bitcoin in 2009.

No one offered the other to spot him and would send him btc.

That was probably 2011.

Yea come to think of it you are right about that, still memories though.

I also jumped in as soon as i got some money

Very good point. I'm one of those who first heard of bitcoin fairly early. To the best of my recollection it was 2010 or 2011 and caught my brief attention because of bitcoin's role in Argentina and the WikiLeaks donation cutoff. Somehow it failed to capture my imagination despite broadly understanding that PoW mining was involved and that bitcoin could be used to help circumvent capital controls.

Knowing there are always many opportunities to profit (financially or otherwise) should be an encouragement to all of us to stay curious and keep learning.

I'm currently reading Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money and it's fascinating to read of the origins of bitcoin and all the roadblocks the community has overcome in the 8 or so years since the mining of the first coins.

Wow loving the ol setup you had going on here @onceuponatime fan and everything hehe, good share on the music video really does make you think about how much easier it was back then gosh.

Some things were easier - some things were harder.

Aw man I miss my usb miners!!! I had 30 of them . : )

What did you do with them? You didn't keep them for paper weights?

I wish, I sold them... I also miss my Innosilicon A2 Should of just kept them.

Awesome post!

Upvote and resteem

WAOO! I wish to go back in time just 8 years. I would never work again! Great post! I hope you have a lots of bitcoin

But the "image of God is found in Work"

nostalgia with true friends in mined bitcoin

I bet you make a good friend!


feeling nostalgic? haha great post - I guess the future happens to all of us!

I think the development of mining would be a good topic for a future episode of Crypto Nights - it is a new video series I am doing on steemit - I would really appreciate your thoughts.

Anyway, great pics and you'll always have the memories!


Wonder how long ago was that. And how many Bitcoin did you mine?

Do you still mine?

That was a long time ago, so long my memory fails me :-)

I do not still mine bitcoin, or anything else. I have switched to DPOS coins - far superior in every way!

I barely mined enough bitcoin to pay for the equipment and electricity (BTC wasn't worth nearly so much in those days. Too bak I didn't hold on to some)

Haha... If you just had saved all those coins, you'd have a lot now. But then no one never know when a coin will become a hit.

I haven't heard of DPOS, will try to learn about it.

DPOS is the way steem works, start from there, it's interesting knowledge to have.

I'll check it soon.

Thank you.

steem,bts,eos,muse peerplay, all Delegeted Proof of stake Best coins IMO.

That is Great @onceuponatime..

I have a big dream in Bitcoin mining.. But still couldn't start even could mining.. Would like to start in small.. plz let me know what will be the cost for equipments and electricity..? Can't I start using about 300 USD..? Plz guide me @onceuponatime
Upvoted for you..

Bitcoin mining is now out of the reach of beginners. You might want to look into the mining of some altcoin or other. I would suggest, however, that you get out of the POW (Proof of Work) type of blockchain and into DPOS (Distributed Proof of Stake) blockchains where there is no mining.

Thanks @onceuponatime for the great video! This is also a nostalgia for me! Your blog is very interesting! Travel with me in the south of Ukraine.

OR alternatively -


Here's to better days!

Hehe thanks for the vote :-) Seriously with all of this mania going on, I flick this on and I'm as calm as the tree outside :-)

Thanks for sharing :) I am new to Steemit and learning all I can about Crypto currencies and mining as well:) I followed you and upvoted as well:) )

Yea @onceuponatime
Cheers to the good old days

This was a simpler time😌

Can you feel the nostalgia for the simpler times? Were you more innocent then?

Can't they be used to Mine another coin?

Probably. But I'm out of the game. Got tired of waking up 8 times a night to go and check that everything was still running. Margins were so thin that it wasn't worth my time.

It is probably worth it for someone willing to make a larger investment into equipment than I was . But for me there are better ways to get coins :-)

Thanks to let me know
Have a lovely time Steeming

Ohh the good ole days!!

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Hello, @onceuponatime , I admire your nickname he is very cool. You writing very nice and interesting posts.

I recently traveled to the sea and we lived on an island and could reach the mainland just like a ship. Yesterday I wrote a 5 part of my trip on the sea. About how we were riding on ship. Was very amazing if you interest look please: in my blog @bugavi

That song is Awesommmmmmeeee! @onceuponatime

Although I would love to be able to take the credit for it - alas, it is not mine :-)

Ahahaaa This song is like a virus - spreads fast and hard to get rid of. I guess i will sing it the whole day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Amazing how quickly things change. Now you need an entire mining factory it seems.


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wow ! That's pretty awesome that you could mine bitcoin! wow! Lucky you! :) Is it a lot harder now?

It's only for professionals now.

well wondering how much had you mined those day :) and that song was great one

Not nearly enough :-)

Haha! A blast from the past @onceuponatime. I wish I'd got involved with mining back in those early days.

Hahahah.... nice one @oneuponatime. At least you experienced those days,I was peeing in my pants (what else a small child would do ! ; ) )when you mining bitcoin. Maybe steem is the opportunity for us!

Steem is a very good opportunity. So is bitshares ( ).

@onceuponatime I was thinking about making investment in steemit what is your opinion? I was thinking that if I invest know maybe it can help me complete my dream of visiting all the beautiful places in the world. If I have a fan base, then I can blog about my world tour and make money for the same because it requires a lot of money to travel which I don't have. And one more thing ( I know I am asking many question but I have no one to suggest), Can i get your facebook or some other means were we can chat , I have some things to ask?

I don't use Facebook. I also don't like to give financial advice because I could be wrong! But you can't lose by posting on steemit. It costs nothing. Posting often will increase your skills. As people follow and upvote you, your earnings will go up. If you power up those earnings, that is like investing in steemit and yourself. Good luck.

Now that song is stuck in my head!! clingy song :P

I like clingy. (except in women lol)

No one likes a clingy person but everyone likes a clingy song!! :p

i didn't remember lol i didn't had any knowledge about crypto at that time :)

I'd ordinarily say that you should be looking for the "next big thing" then - but crypto still is The Next Big Thing. It has only just begun (you have only missed the tiny mining part of it mass adoption is yet to come).

yup, I remember mining litecoin on my iMac in 2012....

Ama ama amazing song , is it just me, that you look like tom cruise in your picture, :|

It's just you :-)

Great, i just found my tom cruise of steemit 🤗🤗😋

Beautiful song and video! Thank you.

Haha, crypto nostalgia... Like as if it were decades ago... xD

It feels like lifetimes!

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@onceuponatime I wish I could do 0.1 BTC per day. but I am happy to be on steemit right now.. There will be a day that you are bill gates and I just buy my first ferrari.... All because of steemit and bitshares..

I couldn't look myself in the mirror if I was bill gates! So, if that was your plan for me, I guess I'll just have to hope that you will take me for a ride in your ferrari.

Haha you are right.. it was not the best person to mention for me.. but Yeahh i take you on a ride. But the i first have to ship the Ferrari to loutraki😉

Still cheaper to buy than to mine.

Follow me @Yehey
Thank you

@onceupanatime Great song, the first time I hear it.
Thanks for sharing

Some of those setups were amazing.

its amazing
just the tool i use sometime from the start

Nice! This gives us perspective... like when I bought BTC (to convert it to ETH) last year... and I paid usd 600 for 1 Bitcoin. All this points in one way only 🚀🚀🚀

I wish I had gotten in earlier, and at the same time im thankful I got in early enough :D

Have a good weekend bro!

Its pleasant to have the recollections of those past times worth remembering to go with you in the voyage yet no one ought to ever leave wistfulness influence his present days and his present recollections. Try not to offer space to sentimentality to wind up regret, imagining that those days were superior to anything what we have now.

Only for the sake of entertainment, rather than putting out some Christmas lights this year, possibly I'll hang some square erupters and antminers in my front window and let them glimmer and check whether 1 out of 500 trillion shots I discover a bitcoin piece. That would be a decent Christmas introduce.