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RE: How to mine EOS coin

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Thanks for this great info.

"Set you miner to any Ethereum pool of your choice."

Please can you explain step-by-step how to set up miner operation for newbies with no money.

And which Ethereum pools would you use.

Would this be be okay



Sure! What exactly are you looking for? The above link is exactly how to mine once you have a mining rig. I have used both nanopool and ethermine and they are both good pools.

Without money to put together a mining rig you won't be able to mine successfully. There are options to lease mining power online but I have not done this myself and don't recommend it.

Many thanks for the info

What can 5k get me and what alt coins should I be mining and where to make profits ?

You should be able to build a sufficient rig for $5k. You can mine whatever is most profitable on or chose one that you think will increase in price the most. For example, I started mining Monero when it wasn’t the most profitable... then price went up substantially.

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