Introducing "GoChain": Bringing Evolution to Blockchain Technology

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A Special Theory on "Change" and "Evolution"

All through the existence of man up till this point, the phrase "Change is Constant" is a reality which every human can't dispute. Change is an entity that has touched every aspect of our lives ranging from finance, fashion, technology, agriculture and a whole lot of other aspect which one could think of.
With this Change coming more frequently as time passes one thing is certain, this trend is everlasting and its left for us to adopt and harness this Change for the betterment of mankind.
The introduction of Blockchain technology into our system changed everything. The whole aspect of crypto financing took a new dimension which altered the normal trend which we were all used to. Today most crypto currency transactions are being run on Blockchain networks which are fast, reliable, secured and efficient. Now, thats what Change has brought.
Although the introduction of blockchain brought massive solutions to many crypto problems which were being faced, its also being faced with problems of its own which is affecting its efficiency.
I would love you to know that Change has limitations which could only be broken by "Evolution".
Gochain has come to break limits which has been set by other blockchain platforms. So I can proudly say that:

"Gochain isn't a product of Change but a product of Evolution".

Now Lets Talk About Gochain

GoChain is a smart contract blockchain platform aimed at solving the issues present in platforms like Ethereum. The Ethereum network has issues with scalability, decentralization and security. GoChain is designed for immediate integration, allowing developers and existing Ethereum projects to shift their projects into GoChain smoothly
GoChain is a scalable, high performance, low cost, and decentralized cryptocurrency and blockchain that supports smart contracts and distributed applications


With the maximum adoption of Ethereum globally, a need to address the situation being faced wih the Ethereum network needs to be addressed and thats what Gochain has achieved.
Gochain is aimed at addressing the problems faced by the Ethereum network, ranging from the network transaction processing speed, to energy consumption of the network
Gochain provides special features which other platforms can't boast of, leveraging the blockchain trend and providing services which surpasses other plaforms in terms of Speed, Energy Consumption and Decentralization.
These three key factors are essential in order to ensurea stable and reliable blockchain platform, Gochain leverages all these features and brings solid solutions where other platform have failed to provide them.


Ethereum was originally designed to perform 13 transactions per second, an honest view at this statistics show that this record is quite poor, considering the number of transactions that are done on the Ethereum network every second.
In the crypto world, it is no more news that Transactions Speed is vital, because millons of transactions are done one various crypto servers daily and no one is interested in using a platform whose server isn't fast enough to initialize multiple transactions per second.
Gochain promises to give a transaction speed of up to 1300 transactions per second. Now thats what we call Speed!!!.
With a transaction speed of up to this level, we can be assured of running multiple transactions without any hitch.

Energy Consumption

The level of energy consumption used to run crypto transactions is massive. A survey done recently showed the outrageous level of energy consumption in the bitcoin network.

The Bitcoin network can be estimated to consume at least 2.55 gigawatts of electricity currently, and potentially 7.67 gigawatts in the future, making it comparable with countries such as Ireland (3.1 gigawatts) and Austria (8.2 gigawatts).

the Ethereum network is not left out, massive energy is being consumed daily and it has raised concern as to whether the mining of these crypto currencies are worth the amount of energy being consumed.
Gochain uses a technology which emsure that energy consumption is being minimised to over 1000x less compared to normal.


Decentralization is a major considering factor in the crypto world. Recent statistics has shown that in practice most mining has moved to
China where electricity is cheapest.
With decentralization being a major key to ensure efficiency in the crypto world, Gochain solution makes it assured that the decentralization of the Ethereum Network is effective and has been structured in a way whereby a particular city is not a major focus, but the Gochain grid map covers over 50 cities in the world where the decentralisation scheme will cut across. This will help ensure flexibility and efficiency of the whole system.


The world presently is fed-up with change. We all experience changes in different aspects on daily basis and it has become a normal trend. The introduction of Gochain Technology exposed us to the fact that the "Dispensation of Change" has ended and a new era has begun. A "Dispensation of Evolution" has taken over and Gochain is the spark behind this new flame making wave in the crypto world today.

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