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Native ICO
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Ever since the early days of cryptocurrency, the way in which digital transactions are made have drastically changed. With Native, one of chose changes is how we interact with others in a given community. Native is a decentralized platform that allows you to participate in any of these communities and trade their generated token currencies in the process. Below, I’ll discuss just what Native is and how it works.

What Is Native?

Native is a platform that allows communities to generate their own token currencies and effectively manage their resources through collective decision-making tools. It essentially enables communities to utilize the power of the collective and generate widespread impact and prosperity [1].

How It Works

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Joining Communities

Joining a community on Native is simple. All you have to do is find communities that share the same interests as you. From there, you can create and support projects you feel are worth creating or supporting. As of right now, Native has seven communities you can join: Rick & Morty Crew, Earth Guardians, Imaginal Films, SDG Futures, Peace Accelerators, Dolo, and Native itself [2].

Creating a Community

Creating a community is just as simple as joining one. All you need is a passion for a given topic such as film or science. From there, you can track and participate in building the value of your tokens, and the process from there is pretty much the same as joining another community [2].


The main draw to using Native is that you’ll not only be able to interact with people who share your interests, but also reach goals faster as a group and form around things you all have in common, such as a common philosophy or religious affiliation.


As a whole, a community on Native would be able to give everyone involved a voice in how things are run, especially since members can vote on certain aspects of the community.

Watch This Video on How Native Was Started [3]

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