How To Purchase NYC: The Simplest Way

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I am being paid to write this post but I am a NYC enthusiast and would write something similar even if I wasn't paid to do so

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Hi Steemit!

Have you heard of NYC yet? Its the coolest, bestest, most wonderful alt-coin aside from steemit. The linked articles were written by #steemitmamas @mumma-monza and @crosheille respectively.

NewYork coin is awesome, boasts of a great discord community,is faster than bitcoin and lite coin, and is affordable to use. It has been growing, slowly and steadily since I started blogging about it last month. I have been very happy to see my NewYorkCoin purchase steadily growing in value over the USD.

One hiccup that NewYorkCoin has is that it is difficult to get a hold of. Once you have been trading in crypto for a bit, going to yobit seems like "no big deal". All you have to do is buy some coin go to another exchange and then buy another coin. Easy.

Well, for those of us who like real easy our friend @samiahmed has decided to make the process a lot easier for us.

I first purchased from Sami last month when I say the potential for the coin and JUST HAD TO get my hands on some. There's something about NewYorkCoin! Back then, he didn't have a simple website or a discord channel. I found him in the NYC discord and watched his exchange grow from there.

Using the website is easy.

start by going to the site:

Look at the purchase amounts available. Prices are in USD. You can get started with just 10USD or you can go as high as 500USD


click on the "add to cart" which will take you to a different screen

make sure that you are purchasing the correct amounts and then proceed to check out

Now make sure to pause, and stare at the screen. It WILL be asking you for personal information such as name and address. I stared at it too. They are going to know who I am! It's ok. If you want to pay with credit cards and PayPal and such you have to give them your info.


now place your order, and that's it!

Please note that you will need a wallet in order to have somewhere to store your coin. I use an app called coinomi and I am very happy with it.

There are many different ways to purchase NYCoin, this just happens to be one of them. Something I really like is that you know exactly how much you are going to get for your coin.

If you do some research you will find that these prices for buying NYC through this service are a little higher than what coinmarketcap suggests. There are couple reasons for this:

  1. Prices include step by step customer service. Sami is available on discord to answer any questions you may have

  2. The simplified process costs more. Simply if you want an easy check out button and to know exactly how much coin you are getting, the price reflects this. With this services there is no guessing how much will be eaten up with fees. Fees are everywhere, and buying any coin costs transaction fees. Here they are just simplified into the price.

And that my steemians is the fastest most easiest way to buy NewYorkCoin. Are you a NewYorkCoin hodler or enthusiast? Please let me know all about it in the comments.

Are you a mama who is blogging on steemit and wants a team of mamas to help you learn the details of crypto-investing? Check out @steemitmamas. We would love for you to join us.

please note that this was a sponsored post


images and graphics used are mine and compiled together using Canva or simply uploaded from my phone. except the banners which are used with the permission of the community who they were created for

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Once again... You're a life saver! you and your killer skills to explain things simply! Thank you thank you!!

NYC is my town but not my coin.. Where do i go for a wallet. Wanna pick up some NYC coins. This comment better get upvoted lol.


That’s @uncalledfor.

Are you on the NYCoin discord?

Get started there. Make sure to tell the @metzli sent you. It won’t get you anything but it will be fun for me. 😂🙄💰


Aw, :(

I won't be there until September!


Maybe we get to meet then :)

I think it rains almost everyday now


It sure has been, and there is a new group for steemians. I think I added you, in case you want to check it out.


I dont think you add me


You have to go to the steemit channel and ask them to add you.

I love how this was explained so simply, just like the process of purchasing of NYC coin. NewYorkCoin hodler here <3


Thanks for stopping by @mumma-monza I appreciate your support.

How are you doing @metzli, how is your family and I believe you all doing great.
Wow that is great to tell @metzli NYC, how I wish I have better understanding in NYC, but I will try and join @steemitmamas so that I will have more understanding. You really did a great job. Stay shining my beautiful friend.


Sorry @princefm #steemitmamas is only for moms who blog on steemit.

If you know of any, please tell them to join, we have a lovely community.

Ok, I needed this. Thank you @metzli... keep them coming :)


Thanks for stopping by.

If you have any specific questions you’d like me to walk through, please ask.


I have tooooo manyyyyy haha
I am in awe of mums like you who are so on the ballcrypto 😊


The age of abundance is here. Come get your free money.

This is fantastic information!! I have become a big NYC enthusiast and am looking to acquire more NYC and this is perfect!! Thanks for sharing!!


Thanks for commenting, and being an awesome community member both here and at NYC.

Thanks a bunch for the post mention! You explained this process nicely :)


You’re welcome. Make sure to check all price options before purchasing!!


Will do! 😉

Was wondering how to get/sell NYC, thanks for sharing!


This is a simplified version for those who need someone to hold their hand through the process.


Yes, indeed I needed a hand!

Thank you so much @metzli for telling the world about my service! I'm so honored to have the support of the Steemit Mamas and I have a number of surprises coming once the NYC fork is completed. God Bless you and thanks for your support!


You are very welcome! I am glad you have access to your account now.

The #steemitmamas like you back :)

Thanks @metzli for walking us through some tutorial and steps. I always love and appreciate you for this 😍


You’re welcome, make sure to check with the mamas before purchasing!