The Citizen Science Grid projects #3 - [email protected] BOINC volunteer computing.

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Wildlife at home! Of course this is only the name of the sub-project, which is whitelisted in the Citizen Science Grid project of the University of North Dakota and you are not supposed to keep wild animals at your house.

The Citizen Science Grid "hosts" 4 different projects

So now let's see what exactly the [email protected] sub-project is dealing with.

[email protected] is "hosted" University of North Dakota's Department of Computer Science the the Biology one, and aims at analyzing video taken from cameras recording wildlife at various locations around Dakota. Currently the project is dealing with a video of sharp-tailed grouse, Tympanuchus phasianellus and checks their nesting habits and way of living. There are cameras that have been set up beside some nests, both near western fields and also within protected state lands of North Dakota. The organisation dealing with [email protected] have also recently begun their studies about two federally protected species - Sternula antillarum (interior least terns) and Charadruis melodus(piping plovers).

And after all every project has some goals.

What are the [email protected] goals?

The organisation at the University of North Dakota hopes that participation in the project via volunteering computation will help them to determine the impact of the oil development on the sharp-tailed grouse and study and understand better the habits of least terns and piping plovers to aid in their conservation. The project team is trying to provide some very interesting and valuable video and photo material. You can check very interesting stuff on their webpage , but you will need to make registration first.

Well this project is far more boring in my opinion than other BOINC and Gridcoin listed projects, but it may be interesting for some nature lovers. I myself prefer Microbiology, Chemistry and Medicine, but everyone makes his choice. Of course, the best part is, that Gridcoin stays behind this project and BOINC supports it too. I myself will skip sharing some of the resources exactly with this project and I don't think it requires much of a computation power to deal with its targets.

You can check all the stuff behind [email protected] on their website, and choose to share a part of your PC or mobile device's idle resources. It will not hurt you or your system in any way.

Support the Biology, Medicine, Science and many more areas with the power of the blockchain technology and Gridcoin, of course! Don't waste your energy and choose wisely.

Sources: - The official Gridcoin site - images and valuable information - easily download and install the BOINC software

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You mean I'm not supposed to keep wild animals at my house!!?

Frantically removes the crocodile, lion cubs and cobras from house...

I have to look this up, currently I'm running WCG, started about a week ago.