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The key to making a business thrive is providing good treatment to your customers and an easy to navigate platform especially in the hospitality sector (hotels). Empire hotels is here to offer a reduction in charges, increased payment option, by the use of crypto asset and cutting out the involvement of third parties when booking hotels with their platform.

The use of convention platforms/ website when booking has proven to be quite expensive because the platform/ websites don’t bill the traveler directly, instead they take a certain percentage from hoteliers free thus making hoteliers increase the cost of booking a room just to meet up with these demands. Empire hotels have come up with an idea that would make the transaction easier for both traveler and hoteliers by taking advantage of crypto technology with the creation of a currency to be used with booking a room online.


•    Double-booking of rooms

•    Incorrect data; a client’s request can easily be entered incorrectly i.e. someone requesting for a soundproof room can easily be given a regular room  

•    Expensive booking portals; online booking portals are usually allocated a percentage of the cost of booking a room thus pushing the cost of booking a room up.

•    Financial and transaction fee; a certain fee is charged but the client’s financial institution

•    Foreign transaction fee 

•    Currency conversion fee; conversion rate is slightly higher when bookings are been make with foreign currency 

These challenges have been a major problem for travelers over time, now empire hotels have come up with solutions to these problems with the help of cryptocurrency all these problems will be a thing of the past. 


•    Cheaper booking; with the use of a universal currency which will be introduced by empire hotels, various charges i.e. international payment charges and currency conversion fee will be eliminated for travelers thus slightly increasing the profit margin for hoteliers and at the same time reducing the cost for customers 

•    Assured security of data and also the reliability of the booking process 

•    Elimination of double-booking thus reservations would be accurate 


On the platform hoteliers advertise/ register their hotels for free, then interested customers can browse through the various options of hotels registered on the platform then pay in cryptocurrency (EMPC token) specifically for the platform. Then on request the token is converted to fiat and paid to the hoteliers, constant use of the platform attracts benefit to customers.

Empire hotels also have a mobile application for both ios and android users, with a superb interface, easy to navigate and a fully functional crypto wallet. Which has two modules 

•    Host module; here the host (hoteliers) can create an account/ register their hotels and manage their properties rooms and request for payment 

•    Guest module; guests can create their account or login to an already existing account manage their wallets, book reservations. Its quite secured due to the security protocols took were guests would need to validate their phone numbers etc.


The official method of payment on the platform this (EMPC token) empire cash token, which will be used to fuel all transaction on the platform. EMPC token has a couple of benefit like 

•    Hotel managers can use the token to pay and renew their subscription on the platform 

•    Guest can use the token to pay for bookings and reservations 

•    Arbitrators on the platform can earn token and pay for reservations on the platform



Website: https://www.empirehotels.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.empirehotels.io/docs/en/whitepaper-en.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/empirehotelsapp

Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/company/empire-hotels-app

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/empirehotelsapp

Facebook: https://www.empirehotels.io/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/EmpireHotelsApp

Telegram: https://t.me/empirecash




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Can it be used to book for reservation at the restaurants of the hotels?

Yes , with the empire estate token you can book and make reservations in advance and there is more information on our Whitepaper

I will check it out, thanks for the information tho, you were really helpful. One more question please, does it mean I can book personally ?

Yes you definitely can

This is a good review of the empire hotels project. I have researched this project myself and i think it is a very good one. I am Looking forward to the launch

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