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Hello, a big hug for everyone, this time I bring you my participation in the contest for friends of Gochain, a contest promoted by @originalworks.

I would like to share a little with you about my expectations of what Gochain is and the alternatives that this powerful tool offers us. Gochain is a blockchain, but not the blockchain we commonly know, Gochain is 10 times more decentralized, 100 times faster and energy saving is 1000 times cleaner.

Currently the majority of mining is found in China, which represents 70 to 80% for all currencies, making it a serious problem, as the government could establish certain legal bases that affect the mining of crypt currences

Gochain wants to make a change to the Proof of Woork consensus algorithm (POW) by switching to POR or reputation testing. POR is an improved, more efficient and highly secure form of authority testing, the main reason for creating POR is that it uses world-renowned companies as validators and not natural persons, giving more confidence and firmness to the chain. Many will wonder why use companies and not individual people; the answer is simple, investors and company managers would not put their capital and prestige at risk, that is, they would have much more to lose than a single individual.

In addition to using companies as validators, it is estimated that there will be around 50 companies in different countries, in order to achieve decentralization and avoid the control of the Chinese and US governments or any other government that intends to take control of mining.

Another great expectation relates to the current data handling of around 13 transactions per second, with this alternative we could achieve 1300 transactions per second or 0.7 gigabytes per hour which represents a 100% improvement.

I have great confidence in this project, it would be a great step forward to be able to stop centralization and avoid control by governments, without a doubt we would have a more powerful and robust blockchain.

Create a nice poster where you can see the main advantages and benefits of Gochain I hope you like it.


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