Save your balances! | A great way to do so

in crypto •  2 years ago

Crypto is crashing right now. Everyone needs to protect their savings

Doesn't matter if your a trader, investor or speculator. You properly have some crypto lying around somewhere and watch it falling down. There are many ways of getting out. You can exchange it to fiat, buy gold/silver or... upgrade genesis!


It's the fastest and in my opinion the best way to resist the falling Prices for BTC, ETH, DASH and all those other Coins. The contracts don't realy change their value. They will always cost the same and give you the same amount of hashpower. (Except they change their prices in the future). Yes of course, the profit will most likely not be as high as it was in the last few days, but after some time, the difficulty will adapt and your payouts stabilise.

Make your own thoughts about it and decide.
In the meantime, read my latest post about upgrading ETH contracts:

Also have a look at @craig-grant's latest video, where he talks about genesis-mining:

If you're thinking about upgrading on genesis, please consider to use my code for 3% off all mining contracts!

Genesis-mining code: RBZMQs

Have a wonderful day everyone :)

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I hold and buy some more now the price is low.


If you believe thats the lowest it will go, buying is the best opportunity :)


We never know when it reaches the bottom, but at least it is cheaper than it was before.


yea ofc and I think no matter how low it goes, it will recover. The question is when tho...