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Technology is present in many aspects of daily life. This is how our best friend is no longer another person, now is our smartphone! The blockchain technology is solving the problems that now have a truly fair and transparent solution, in addition to using cryptocurrencies as means of payment and that, now, represent for us, a very valuable asset.

Although this type of digital economy is the boom in the common citizen, the instability of market prices prevents it from being considered as digital money, therefore, its value has been given by the amount to buy or sell according to certain strategies. While it is true that trading is a very lucrative activity, it undermines the principle of cryptocurrencies as a digital means of payment.

The Kinesis team has designed a monetary system that promises to merge the traditional economy with cryptocurrencies and the blockchain world. The intention of Kinesis is to become a platform that is easy to use, safe and generates profits for its users, facilitating electronic commerce.

What is Kinesis?

Kinesis is a monetary system that encourages the use of the currency of the platform in addition to the continuous flow of capital through the stimulation of trade and economic activities. In addition to this, it becomes an attractive platform for capital investment that will obtain a lucrative performance, in addition to the distribution of fair profits among users based on their participation and the speed of capital.

White Paper Version 1.5

Vision of Kinesis

Develop and offer to anyone in the world a platform that allows them to enjoy a new monetary system that includes the adoption of cryptocurrencies to do business as well as a property with an exchange value.

Mission of Kinesis

The North of Kinesis is to provide users with an international monetary system in which the participants of the system obtain multiple economic benefits. The main idea of ​Kinesis is to give a real and stable value to the token, making it something more valuable than a simple digital asset.

Primary elements of Kinesis

Gold & Silver: The Kinesis tokens are assigned 1: 1 with gold and silver, two of the fundamental pillars of the economy that we used until the beginning of the cryptocurrency boom. As assigned, it is understood that whoever possesses these tokens will have the title of the bullion that supports this digital asset.

Yield: A recurring yield is granted that is directly conditioned to economic activity, an important difference from what happens in our common economy. It can be calculated through the Net Present Value (VPN) for both commercial and institutional use. Retailers can also benefit from this.

Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency: In order to be at the forefront of technology, it promotes the use of its own currency backed by assets as well as a very attractive performance system.

The monetary system of Kinesis wants to be applicable in any aspect of the economy. That is why they are developing cryptocurrencies that have assigned bullion titles, fiduciary notes, cryptocurrencies and any asset that has physical support. This will be possible thanks to the banking system of Kinesis.

Kinesis will attract capital from markets that have very low yield or high-risk potential. Among these, which today are the most recognized, Kinesis will have the capital flow of:

  • Cryptocurrency market
  • Gold and silver market
  • Fiduciary money market
  • Asset investment market

Strategic Partner: ABX

Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) is a public company that has developed this monetary system together with Kinesis. ABX is the leader in the electronic exchange of assigned metals.

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The development and expansion of Kinesis are linked to two important events:

  1. The Initial Token Offering (ITO): of the Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT), an ERC20 token. Those with this token will earn a percentage of the fees needed to run businesses in the Kinesis monetary system.
  2. The initial coin offering (ICO): In this, users can purchase the first Kinesis products. KAU (gold-backed coin) and KAG (gold-silver coin) are in the Kinesis blockchain network, as a result of a for the Stella Network. Both KAU and KAG are cryptocurrencies that will allow transactions to occur in the monetary system.

Design Principles:

Cryptocurrency market Problems: The volatility of cryptocurrencies makes them move away from their true value as a payment method that replaces fiduciary money, depriving cryptocurrencies of being part of the closing of thousands of businesses worldwide because it is a huge risk. In the monetary system of Kinesis, the sustainable use of cryptocurrencies is guaranteed, giving these digital assets their original role.

Fiat Currency Market Problems: All fiduciary currencies, throughout history, have had a strong collapse. Central banks print and devalue the money, which means irreparable losses for citizens. Traditional banking causes more losses than profits, this was understood by Kinesis and for this reason, Kinesis thought about the development of a system that combines the blockchain technology with the traditional economy, finding a healthy middle point in which decentralization favors users at the economic level.

Bullion Market Problems: The antiquity of this market makes it difficult to access. Bullion Market does not have modern procedures that allow its expansion to be available to anyone. Kinesis and ABX will achieve the integration of this market with the latest technologies in exchange, eliminating the barriers to enter this lucrative market as well as eliminating intermediaries.

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Features of the Kinesis monetary system

Kinesis has designed a system with multiple features that promises to bring the traditional and modern economy to the same level and most importantly: everyone can participate!

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Kinesis Website


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Daniel has a very successful pallet shop whose main attraction is the concept: everything is inspired by cryptocurrencies. Daniel sells pallets of orange with the symbol of Bitcoin, Blues of chewing gum with the symbol of STEEM and thus successively. To make his business more attractive for employees who have an interest in the world of cryptocurrencies, he decided to start paying his payroll with Kinesis Coins.

This allows both Daniel's business and his employees to build a continuous flow of currencies, generating benefits for all by sending, receiving or selling these cryptocurrencies.

His employees use the Kinesis debit card to exchange their KAU and KAG into fiat currency to dispose of their salary as it suits them.

For more information watch this video:


Kinesis is an innovative proposal, which recognizes the benefits of traditional and modern economy, merging their qualities and providing a beneficial monetary system.

Markets such as gold or silver, are difficult to invest if you have no knowledge of any intermediary. In a world like the one we have today, it is absurd that one of the most influential markets in the economy is within the reach of a few.

The support of cryptocurrencies in physical products such as gold and silver gives them incredible stability. The most important thing is the recovery of the true use of cryptocurrencies: to be a payment method that is involved in any type of business worldwide, breaking the barriers that separate us.

It is interesting how projects like Kinesis seek to bring decentralization to common markets such as fiduciary and metals. I am sure that it will be a success that will revolutionize the way of doing business.

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White Paper Version 1.5

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