UBER on steroids without a driver and powered by blockchain technology - HELBIZ

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One of the projects that are having ICO at this moment that is for some reason going under the radar of a big part of investors and crypto community is HELBIZ. In my opinion, this blockchain based project could become one of the most successful in 2018.

HELBIZ is changing one of the biggest and most significant areas of human life - Transportation. How to describe HELBIZ in just one sentence?

It is UBER on steroids without a driver and powered by blockchain technology.

HELBIZ project is essentially based on a simple idea that may be hard to accept at first if you are a big car lover, but after you think about it, you will realize that is both brilliant and practical at the same time. Buying a car just for personal use is an old way of thinking, and it is time to change that habit. Data tells us that 1.2 Billion cars in the world are just left unused in some parking or garage for 96% of the time. Ask yourself, would you buy the house and then live in it just one day per month? I don't think so!

So why are we buying cars that we almost never use? We often do that because there is no other reliable and accessible transportation option for that 4% of the time when we need it. It is fair to say that before the development of blockchain technology it was impossible to share your vehicle or rent one without dealing with a big number of problems. (advertising, communication, documentation, car keys, insurance and so on). Now with the power of blockchain and HELBIZ, everything is changed for both sides in this ecosystem.

Screenshot 2018-02-17 14.31.54.png

HELBIZ made future of transportation simple as:

  • Click! Use HELBIZ mobile app to find a car in your vicinity that suits your needs in just a few seconds.

  • Book! Pay for your new vehicle with HELBIZ tokens. Let blockchain technology and smart contracts make your reservation and payment secure, fast and reliable.

  • Unlock! With HELBIZ your smartphone is becoming your car key. Just unlock the reserved car with your smartphone (And feel like a James Bond).

  • Drive off! It is time to start an engine electronically with your smartphone and enjoy the ride. HELBIZ will take care of all paperwork, insurance, and payment process.

It is good to underline that HELBIZ is creating a whole new ecosystem based on blockchain technology and powered by native HBZ coin as a platform payment asset. The HELBIZ team is planning to include all transportation services worldwide, from bike rents to the private jets, and include them on the platform. Whole HELBIZ mobile system is created as an open system, providing other companies the opportunity to develop decentralized blockchain applications for their business. There are many other revolutionary details regarding this project as an option for drivers to share their driving data for different rewards and travel services.

Screenshot 2018-02-17 14.31.16.png

I encourage you to make your due diligence before investing in HELBIZ and get more info in their whitepaper WHITEPAPER . HELBIZ ICO is ending in 2 weeks, and they already sold one-third of their tokens worth over $26 million. I will write more about HELBIZ technical details, business plans, team and token economy in next few days.



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wow thats nice, we can see the growth of block-chain technology every were, and i like the helbiz token plan.... ;-)

@adityajainxds #thealliance

I had to buy some in the pre-ico stage, not much but enough that i know I'm not going to miss out if it hits big. I'm also hoping that i got in on that AirDrop in time. =) Thanks for the info bud!

Thank you for visiting... We will have to wait through 2018 to see a full potential of HELBIZ, but it could really become BIG in the future...

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