How to Milk a STEEM Whale

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I'm writing this small illustrated guide because I'm tired of people complaining they aren't making money. If you've found STEEM and would like to learn how to maximize your chances of making it big, read on.

The secret to success and profit on STEEM and STEEMIT is actually very simple, and I will teach you it here. You don't have to be a great writer, graphics designer or even interesting person to be an overnight star. All it takes is a bit of perseverance, patience and knowing the right technique in order to meet your goal. If you have the desire to make money then all you have to do is read and understand this article completely.

Where to find STEEM Whales

Beyond the obvious that STEEM is in the name of the STEEM Whale.. One must also consider other clues. Initially only a few Whales existed, but slowly they have begun to multiply and they are now more common. By looking at the STEEM logo we can see clues as to the Whale's whereabouts generally are, see below:

By merely flipping the STEEM logo 90 degrees it becomes apparent we must go swimming to find them. In order to successfully catch the attention of a Whale and milk it, one must learn how traverse it's ecosystem. While some naturally come prepared to swim in the STEEM Sea.. Others initially struggle to swim here. It can be a daunting task to paddle out into the STEEM Sea only to see a few minnows swim around you.

Don't try to just float in the STEEM Sea, you must actively swim or paddle (post) to find Whales.

Baiting STEEM Whales

Although different species and sizes of STEEM Whale now exist, some general rules for bait listed below:

A: Make your article title hard not to click
Curiosity is what initially attracts the Whales to your post and ultimately what allows you to milk them.

B: Don't be fake or steal others ideas
Bring your own unique experience, story and style to the STEEM Sea. Knock offs and imitation don't work.

C: Be prepared for a feeding frenzy
Once the Whales smell your bait you may experience more Whale action than you anticipated, get more bait.

How to Milk STEEM Whale

Once the right bait hits the water the whales will begin to swarm you. Remain calm and make eye contact. The exact way each Whale likes to be milked is different so you'll have to find what works best for them/you. I've drawn what I believe to be one of the easiest ways to milk a STEEM Whale below for you to learn from:

Collect the Whale Milk (STEEM) in your wallet, mouth, eyes or wherever else you like it...

Thank you for reading this article.

I hope it helps you find and milk all of the STEEM Whale you can handle. :)

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A small fish pretend to be a whale here, it's fund to vote you down and vote myself up.

Thanks for making me laugh again @Klye! hehe, nice one!

Those poor whales being on the receiving end of your witty tongue.. so to speak ;0)

I like the fact that you tell people that they have to actually participate to make their way. I have had a couple of bumps on comments from whales and I tend to think the whole system is better if we focus on participation and try to present ourselves well. It is important on a social network to foster the social aspect and try to encourage conversation. I also think it takes a long range approach. The whales will find you.

KLYE ART strikes again, another upvote your way sir. Keep 'em coming!

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Where do I find a steemwhale ?
Join me in search of a Steemwhale @bullionstackers

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I'm afraid it's still going to be a lottery, but I respect your craft!

I reckon if your main goal when writing is to produce something interesting, and manage to do so in a professional way, people will click your content. Naturally images and a proper title will be absolutely paramount when it comes to attracting clicks, but it is not equal to an upvote; your content must simply be interesting and thus worthy of an update to get one.


In the time it took it to shitpost reply on this.. You could have looked at the pictures, had a giggle and tossed an upvote. I think you missed the point of what I was trying to bring to the table here, This isn't a super serious guide... :P


Haha, I did assume you intended to leave the reader with a message despite your amazing artwork.


The underlying message is just keep casting your bait... Eventually you'll get that sweet sweet Whale Milk. :D

Thanks for the post mate, let's all catch these big whales!

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Beautiful illustrations as always, @klye .

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Minnows, dolphins and whales all sharing the steem ocean.. Here's my post on them.

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Vote with your steem dollars.

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This is my maybe one of my favourite articles on steemit so far, it's funny and your illustrations are good :) This is an actual real opinion on it :) nice one...

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