KINESIS The Future Of Money On Gold Standard And Blockchain

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KINESIS The Future Of Money On Gold Standard And Blockchain

The whole world and the stock markets were pleasantly impressed from the revolutionary appearance of the Cryptocurrencies, starting with Bitcoin and innovation with the Blockchains. The evidence is the growing number of people and companies that daily invest in cryptocurrencies and in this modern digital technology.

But, there are faults, gaps and problems to be solved, which prevent the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital currencies as a unit of account, means of investment, payment and savings, and to be able to replace FIAT coins, traditional financial and investment institutions.

In fact, among the problems we observe most of the people who are immersed in the world of cryptography, there is the great gap that exists between the virtual and the real world; especially because cryptocurrencies are very little used in everyday business activities in the real world.

In this brief context, we have KINESIS (, which obviously did not invent the wheel, its great innovation is to mix two different wheels to generate greater confidence, speed, efficiency and security and in turn reduce the volatility of cryptocurrencies. As presented in Kinesis.Money Website:

"Welcome to the Future of Money. The evolution of the gold standard. A yield-bearing digital currency based on physical gold and silver. The vision for Kinesis is to deliver an evolutionary step beyond any monetary and banking system available today." Let's see then, what is KINESIS about?

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Preamble With The Problems

We know that many traditional systems, companies and stock markets have migrated to Blockchain to improve their activities in terms of reliability, speed, safety and efficiency. However, the volatility of cryptocurrencies has been one of its main problems, for savings, commercial exchange, reserve of value, payment and daily use of cryptocurrencies; tending to discourage greater investments.

Similarly, it must be recognized that all Fiat currencies have the tendency to devalue, negatively affecting the economy of companies and people, when that happens.

On the other hand, security is another big problem considered in the movements and ownership of assets, whether physical or digital; either because they can be stolen in the place where they are physically stored or hacked and "emptied" the accounts by hackers.

Also, big problems of the Gold market are framed in distrust, slowness, inefficiency and high cost of transactions by telephone, email, banks, intermediaries or personnel, and that is something inefficient and expensive.

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Kinesis Is The Solution To Our Problems

In the first place, KINESIS ( solves the problems of the volatility of the cryptocurrencies and the devaluation of the Fiat currencies, by providing coins with a stable value reserve, anchored to the Gold, which can be used freely in any global trade activity.

In second order, with KINESIS security is guaranteed, both by the advanced cryptographic technology system from its Blockchain, and by the 1:1 gold or silver back guarantee and physical assets assigned to the client, which are very well protected and guaranteed.

Third, with KINESIS associated with ABX, operational confidence, speed and efficiency improve exponentially and simultaneously reduce transaction costs; because the commercial exchange would be carried out through the Blockchain and interconnecting the world markets for direct bilateral operations.

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Philosophy of Kinesis

According to the previously exposed, it is inferred that KINESIS ( is a new hybrid Blockchain project of cryptocurrencies and coins backed by Gold and Silver; to improve and combine the current in terms of the commercialization of cryptocurrencies together with the old gold standard, and with the security of decentralized cryptographic registers.

consequently, KINESIS was born with the mission of creating a revolutionary monetary system of consumption, stable, solid, reliable, safe, fast and globally accepted. In fact, this great system has a scheme of good rewards in gold-backed cryptocurrencies for the associated participants in this Blockchain.

That is, KINESIS has the innovative vision of implementing a monetary system that corrects the current failures of the international securities market and at the same time improves the performance of cryptocurrencies; by establishing a system of stable values that promotes reliable, secure, stable, fast, low-cost, and backed by Gold trade.

Therefore, it is anticipated that the future of the money will be based on the Gold standard that supports as an anchor all the most important cryptocurrencies with high returns for investors.

It is noteworthy that KINESIS has an excellent association with ABX and therefore uses its good ABX audit, verification, reliability, guarantee and quality system.

As a fundamental part of the Philosophy of KINESIS, the Kinesis Monetary System is proposed, whose main characteristics are:

.- KINESIS Physical Currency (KINESIS Currency Suite) backed by a 1:1 asset directly assigned in gold and real silver (Reserve and payment currencies, physical gold and silver, physical gold and silver bars, Fiat coins and digital currencies).

.- Performance and reward based on the investments, purchases and deposits of currencies and cryptocurrencies that are owned and in the capitalization in the KINESIS platform, also in the speed and commercial movement of the exchange of said currencies, as well as by coining through the purchase of KCX and for referring new users; All these are continuous rewards processes and provide a high value in currencies that can be used in any type of investments or commercial operations.

.- Cryptographic Blockchain technology that allows high transaction speed, efficiency, reliability, security and profitability.

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Components and Benefits of Kinesis

KINESIS Currency Suite is based on anchoring real Gold to their KAU and KWG coins and sterling silver to their KAG, KWS coins, minted with a serial number for identification.

In this way, the KINESIS Monetary System consists of all the necessary components for a complete, robust, efficient, solid, secure, stable and reliable monetary system; such as:

.- KINESIS Currency Exchange (KCX): wholesale market to create and mint coins with the help of ABX (bought in KCX and sent to KBN).

.- KINESIS Blockchain Network (KBN): place where the KCX coins can be saved, transferred, spent, traded or exchanged.

.- KINESIS Blockchain Exchange (KBE): cryptocurrency exchange site where KINESIS currencies and other cryptocurrencies can be exchanged.

.- KINESIS Financial Network (KFN): Kinesis mobile banking system where KINESIS currencies can be used as savings, payments, shipments and through a MasterCard or Visa debit card, to withdraw funds at an ATM or to encourage the use of KINESIS as a payment currency worldwide.

.- KINESIS Shopping Center (KSC): platform where goods and services are exchanged for KINESIS tokens (KAG and KAU).

Therefore, the KINESIS Currency Suite with all its components offers the following advantages:

.- It is flexible and enabled to become hybrid real and digital currency, to be able to market or save as a stable value currency.

.- It is fast and at low cost, through the Blockchain we can make the exchange of coins peer to peer, without intermediaries.

.- It is safe, stable and profitable, minimizing the risks of fraud, theft or devaluation.

.- It is a system that gives very good rewards according to the user's participation and the profits of Kinesis.

As part of the beneficial components of KINESIS (, Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) is compatible with ERC20; which will go on public sale from September 10 to November 11, 2018; and will be used to increase the capital needed to develop and launch the Kinesis Monetary System.

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