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TenX - Litecoin Debit Card

Moving forward with Debit Card, developing on blockchain technology. With increase and signs on cryptocurrency exchanges recovering after the months in the doldrums, this is good news for more than one investor.

Speaking on the move, Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin posted a tweet announcing the news and urging Litecoin fans to be on the lookout for future updates. TenX hopes the proposed debit card will become the payment standard for litecoin holders.

Right from its inception, the mantra for TenX has been to create a robust cryptocurrency payment platform, with the goal of making it easy to use cryptocurrencies in the real world. To this end, the TenX platform encompasses bank accounts, ATMs, physical debit cards, wallets and many other features.

Crypto and Muslim

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Cryptocurrency and Muslims - Approximately one-fouth of the World's Population

Interesting to see how cryptocurrency is being researched and delved into by various parts of the world. Religious perspective on the matter.

Research Report On Bitcoin and Islamic Finance

According to Matthew J. Martin, founder, and head of startup BlossomFinance, cryptocurrencies are compliant with Muslim Sharia laws. A 22-page study, titled “Is Bitcoin Halal or Haram: A Shariah Analysis,” was released to prove this claim.

According to Blossom’s Shariah advisor, bitcoin does qualify as Islamic money, with Martin informing that while people believe the Shariah law is a single set of rules, the religion allows for “differing interpretations and views on various matters.”

Stating the positives, he considers Bitcoin’s technology to be very similar to Shariah law’s goal of reducing extreme unpredictability. The news comes as a positive development for bitcoin, as it opens up the cryptocurrency market to a wider audience, especially investors from countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Arab states of the Persian Gulf.

Intesting reading around the world the way blockchain technology is starting to affect our lives.

Good News for ardent Superior Coin Members, new GUI Wallets have been released:

SuperiorCoin Win64 GUI Wallet

MAC GUI Wallet

For more information and assistance, connect on Telegram or Discord with SuperiorCoin-Hard-Fork in the next couple of days, download and test the wallet now, be ready to get going immediately under the many new features and security added.

Closing snippet I read today:

In life, what goes around comes around; it is only a matter of time. The laws of nature have started hitting Jamie Dimon and his JPMorgan Chase & Co. bank hard as the firm has been dragged to court for allegedly charging customers exorbitant fees on bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related transactions.


If you are filled with pride, then you will have no room for wisdom. ~ African proverb



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I have to wonder at the TeX and Litecoin partnership, because I know that TenX had its own issues with a card and they have been trying to form their own bank ever since in order to be able to issue their own card, giving them access to the Visa network. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not aware of TenX making any progress with this. I hope this works out though. TokenPay are forming their own bank. I don’t know why Litecoin didn’t go down the same route as Cypterium and integrate payments into an app?


What I take from any research into blockchain technology is that it is being tried and tested, debit cards will make life a lot easier for many. By trial and error one will eventually push through into real world use.

Not everyone will use an app for payments, debit card ensures money in a card prior transaction, building a bank around a token sounds like the "cart before the horse". Implementation of cards is one topic, banking another in my opinion, too many are trying to become single entities rather than pooling ideas and growing something substantial to offer the world.


Fabulous article @joanstewart like always 😀. Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for the updates, looks like I have some reading to do! :)

I was unaware that superior coin's mac wallet was out! I'll be interested to see how the tenX card plays out. Greats news on the world front though; I don't think it'll be very long before we see a global adoption. 10 years tops


So much happening in blockchain technology it is interesting and exciting to see how various entities are tackling the project.

Debit Cards are a good idea for people who live in rural areas, family in city earning could use app to load value into the card, ATM's strategically placed in 'out of the way areas' would assist the debit card holder being able to access local fiat to make purchases.

Good news for us all. With Muslims investors we should be expecting dramatic rise of the market. Thanks for sharing my friend.


Wrapped up in learning about new technology some forget the implications of religion and blockchain technology, I must admit it had never entered my mind.

Thank you for sharing all this interesting news. Have a great weekend!

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I’m stalking the new GUI wallet ASAP! Thanks for the info

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The TenX card is great news

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News to increase the hope about cryptocurrencies!! Best regards friend!!

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Imagine the possibilities! The more I read the less I know. Or the more I discover that I do not know...
The reality is we do not know what we do not know. And in this crypto world, there are things we do not know because it does not exist yet. But it will soon.

Now I have confused myself...


Gaining knowledge, reading a bit about what is happening is imperative to keep up. Blockchain technology is exciting with endless possibilities @reonlouw we are all learning something new together.

nice one! Kryptonia @jemacris01

You are so far ahead of me on this curve, Joan. If I have questions - now I will ask you. I just keep posting with my blinders on!

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