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The acronym DAO before the stack stands for "Decentralized autonomous organization". The DAO was brought into realisation through the invention of blockchain which makes available open and programmable accounting systems. With the internet at a hand stretch of most populate, information dissemination is now far more easier than ever . DAOstack is an operating system for DAOs. Many creators have worked over the years to create decentralized apps but little have been achieved so far. DAOstack on the other hand looks forward to bringing brains(operators) together to work towards making DApps a "nutch" for top organization, while the ownership is handled by those who contributed values so that they can stand a chance to match with the likes of youtube and co. DAOstack is the bed rock to make this happen. DAOstack is exclusively powered by Ethereum.

Rather than an organization being controlled by a single entity or a centralized government who makes the rules, a central organisation has all the veto power which means they can change or bend the rules and determine how they are applied. DAO is just the opposite. The DAO though is an agency on its own isn't controlled by a single system. They follow verifiable rules that cannot be altered or tampered at any point or as the case may be, if the rule is to be bent or changed, that'll be done in accordance with the already established/existing rules

A traditional organization have a leader and various layers of subordinates. The advantage DAO has over a traditional organization is that even though both have similar layers of subordinates , the DAO doesn't have a leader but traditional organization does. In a traditional organization, power flows vertically ; meaning a hierarchical system but DAO doesn't have this as power is being shared according to the merits of the operators.

DAO can be in different form, depending on the system the organization wishes to adopt but the most common one is the DAOs large assembly mode.

The large assembly mode;
Under this mode, decision making power is fairly distributed as significant number of agents interact within a single agency through DAOs smart contract. It is so far the simplest mode.

The fractual federal governance:
This mode consists of less agents whereby each agent stands for an agency with other agents under him and each agents under him stands for an agency as well as the agents under him and so on.

The complete mesh network:
This is the most complex method as it involves an interlocked system where power is shared on the basis of achievement in order to utilize its collective wisdom to the betterment of the organization

To achieve this, Various tools used includes:
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Termed the wordPress of the DAO, allow DAOstack to disseminate information to various companies under them. ARC makes the deployment of DAOs easy.

This is the platform in which DApps and DAOs data are stored or registered. It also facilitates easy dissemination of information among individual components of DAostack economy.

This is a developer app for users of DAOstack used to develop new applications without the knowledge of basic languages needed for the development.

This is the platform /user interface . it is more or less like a chat room for users and developers to interact.


When decision is to be made within ,it is done through voting whereby the majority votes decision is followed, not necessarily the absolute majority but a relative one. The relative majority votes is thereby enforced opposing the system of a single head making the decision. There is the problem of absolute majority i.e a vote of 10 to 2 or 20 to 5 compared to a vote of 5 to 3 or 10 to 7 which is a relative one.

To solve this problem, previous systems of governance introduced a quorum-The minimal amount of voting power that needs to be engaged in a decision to make it legitimate for approval.

There are many organizations out there who feed on the sweat of others. One essential characteristic that differentiate DAOs from other organizations is its incorruptibility.
As an example, "the grammy awards". A musical awards in which awards are given to distinctive musicians according to their performance over the course of a year. In this organization, there are corrupt officials who rig votes and help rank musics that are not even worth being ranked using the inflience they have over the industry .
To cull this, various things can be rearranged which would ensure that the award is done based on the vote casted by the public and not being tampered with by any official in the industry. To solve this , the organization can be run as a DAO.


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Token are given to the contributors of value whereby the higher the value contributed, the higher the token. Agencies ,DAOs and DApps are all based on circular token economies.
The DApp model:
To run the application, the token generated needs to be used to run the app i.e to make the app function, tokens must be worked for and used to keep the app running.
The DAOstack economy works on GEN tokens which allow users to place a "stake" in a given proposal to be built on the DAOstack . As incorruptibility is their aim, any decision to be made is done with reputation and not by the amount of wealth acquired whereas reputation cannot be bought neither can it be sold but earned through participation and contribution to the network.

DAOstack is partnered with

The DAOstack team

The backbome behind the whole thinking. The advisors

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DAOstack whitepaper
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