RIP Crypto? I Think Not

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The crypto market had yet another breakdown today. We hit a low of $265 Billion this morning. The low that we hit in early April was $244 Billion, we could go down to test that area. If not that could've been a short term bottom.


If we break down from there look at below, but don't lose your mind. Move to cash or Tether if necessary. Take off the risk to settle your emotions if you find yourself making rash decisions.

Crypto is not going anywhere, it will disrupt almost every industry you can think of. We are still over 20X higher than the market was 18 months ago. Keep the big picture in mind.

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LOL! Crying……………. That’s exactly what I feel like. Nailed it!

Points that I agree with strongly

  • Already 60% down
  • If it goes to 80 then time to buy even more
  • Remember that we started the run at 20 Billion
  • Crypto is a retirement plan in every sense of the word

Once again………….about shorts- LOL! Easily the best video that I have watched today.
PS: Congrats to Roselyne Del Carmen!

Market is getting really smashed. I have actually been accumulating recently. Just yesterday I purchased BTS. At this time it feels like we are really oversold. We should expect at least relief rally. Is it even possible to get as low as 20 bil. market cap? It might be possible, but it’s highly improbable. The adds are just slim to non. My actual plan right now is to accumulate as much as possible and hold it until my retirement. It’s still looong way to go, but it really helps me not to panic. Only if we get in the near future up by 4-5 folds I would probably cash out just what I invested. The rest see ya when I retire. Decades and decades to go. If we break this support, which we keep breaking one after another, there will be many investors forced to sell. Many already are. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. Fortunately, I’m not one of them. I can afford to loose all my investment. It’s scary thing, but we have to go through pain before we get rewarded. It’s the same as we were at the top, the same euphoria. It was buying euphoria, now it’s selling euphoria. We may not believe how low we can go, just like many didn’t believe how high we went.
BTW: Lol 😆 I guess I pushed my luck by winning second time in a row and “not winning”. I respect your decision, after all it’s you who makes the rules and I really appreciate you to give us this great opportunity. 👍!

The selloff is increasing along with volatility. This may indicate we might be near bottom. There are people talking about 3000 bitcoin. In fact, no one knows for sure. All we can do is not to panic, not to sell for loss if you are not forced to and add to your portfolio especially now. I agree with you! Compared to what is now and to what we could experience if we break 240 billion is just a walk in the park. We can see historic flash crash. Not many people will now what to do. Many people will freeze. I saw this kind of flash crash in stock market and it was really scary, even though I wasn’t invested much at that time. Steem at $1.44 if it even gets there is a great price to pay for. It’s like a discount on steroids. I think at that moment everything will be a great buy, especially the great coins.

@investing it is just a matter of Time before we Swing Back to the UPside Again.................

Of course not - its like ANY market; fluctuations are a daily event...MOST recover.

This is the time to Hodl and show your belief in crypto.
Crypto will rise but we shouldn't expect any predominant increases all of a sudden

Thank you for the update, I'm not shaking by the latest blow on crypto, it's obvious that it's coming back to the top where its belong. Crypto has never been stable since inception, if it go down today, it's coming up tomorrow, that's how it has been since inception.

Let me quickly subscribe to your channel,i might be the winner... Lol

The big picture indeed. Crypto for life

Hi connor
The start of video was fantastic hahah
I think cryptos are here to stay
Cheers o/

I know things are not working good and we are not going through good days, but i think We should HOld a bit more for some amazing benefit.


Upvoted and resteemed.

Market is just checking your patience, and remember this quote

I am supporting this hashtag. I am really hopeful that there will be a bounce up later or sooner.

Come on man who thinks that crypto will crash. There is still a lot more to it.
I think it's time to HODL and get extended benefits after sometime.
I see this dip as an opportunity to invest in the crypto currency.

You know what? I was waiting since you posted this video on youtube.

well yes holding is the best option now a days,
i'm too holding and i think this downtrend will stay for at least two months.


hy sir SBD sell ka program hy apka

NO i don't have any plan to cell sbd.

Manan bhai ye kon hy?

ye is one of our pakistani 'steemains.

Patience is greatly rewarded. I believe Bitcoin will follow the pattern of pumping on weekends and will try to make a run towards $7800-7900 before the ultimate bear flag playing out. Still no confirmed breakdown, until $BTC goes below $7480.

obviously crypto is not going anywhere
even though it is very difficult time
we need to keep believing in this industry
it has got strong support
testing times

keep the big picture in mind

that is the only reason our hopes are alive
we all know its potential and how much growth it will have in future

it is time to hold your belief in crypto sir

It surely would get better. I at the moment made my decision to HODL and buy more in this dip.

I see all these as the supposed necessary process for unimaginable growth to occur.

The law of demand states that a higher price leads to a lower quantity
demanded and that a lower price ... Crypto will not crash, dont be deceived.....

It would be really nice if SBD were at the $1 peg right now, because you could move your assets there and know they were safe from price drops. I know a lot of people really like USDT, but there are still so many questions, issues, and flags with Tether, that I personally avoid it as much as possible. I don't want to be the one holding the bag. It just seems too convenient that they're able to print money as much as they do. I still haven't heard about someone completing an audit on them.

And then you look at articles, like this one that says that Tether is one of the primary methods of artificially propping up the price of Bitcoin and it makes you wonder a lot of things.

All that being said, I'm still bullish on crypto long-term, I just take issue with Tether.

Note: Not financial advice. Do your own research. These are just my personal opinions.

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RIP Crypto? I Think Not

Strongly agree!



even though we believe in crypto
But still people are very very scared
i think these are the times when we will get to see worth of crypto
fingers crossed

This is nothing but the best words i have heard concerning crypto since this bloodbath began. We need some form of assurance even though we know that crypto is here to stay. Thanks for this timely admonition.

I have subscribed to your youtube video.

Una flutuacion y reacion del mercado, normal un poco bajista pero la tendencia a futuro es al alza, el cripto repunda es lo màs seguro.

It's really unfortunate, I read the news why could happen like that, I know one cause because cripto south korea hacked, this is the news :

BITCOIN (BTC) fell to a two-month low on Tuesday (11/6/2018), worried about regulation and security that deviated after the South Korean currency hack at the weekend, Coinrail.

quoted by Reuters from, the original virtual currency is close to this year's lows to under $ 6,000 per BTC on the Bitstamp platform. its value has been landslide to a low point below 6,500 US dollars per BTC and last traded down 4.7 percent at 6,551.48 US dollars per BTC.

Since the beginning of the year bitcoin has dropped nearly 53 percent, having soared more than 1,300 percent last year.

on Sunday, Coinrail, a relatively small crypto-cry in South Korea, hit by cyber hacking. As a result, about 30 percent of exchange-traded coins are gone. should not reveal its value, South Korean media Yonhap estimates the value of crypto money lost to 40 billion won (37.28 million US dollars).

The latest hacking news drove the decline of crypto money market capitalization to more than 40 billion dollars on Sunday. bitcoin itself declined by almost 1,000 US dollars.

"Bitcoin is in a vacuum at the current liquidity," said Mens Greenspan, senior Israeli market analyst at eToro, in exchange for $ 5 billion a day, the lowest level since November 2017.

"Because trading activity is very low, even a small amount of pressure can drive the price quite drastically, just like if you hit a baseball in space," he added.

Other digital currencies also declined, as if to sympathize with bitcoin. ethereum, the second largest crypto buck by market value, fell 5 percent during the last 24 hours to 496.07 dollars. The third largest virtual money, Ripple, fell 4.3 percent to 0.55 US dollars.

South Korea is one of the world's leading crypto trading centers and is home to one of the most heavily traded exchange of virtual coins, Bithumb. (Hasbi Maulana)

this news has aired on Kompas. with the title: The price of bitcoin ambrol affected by news of South Korean crypto

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Crypto can boom now any how.its all about what level of confidence you have.

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this is the time to accumulate the whales will keep playing these games but we need to up the game :)

To be frank its just the starting of my crypto career and i hope that i may not end this much sooner,lets hope for the best sir.

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