Buddy: a new approach to development and deployment.

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Past History on Development

For a long time software/website development has been done from scratch and several codes and commands would have to be written. This days softwares are been developed which makes development a bit faster by suggesting the next line of code/command most come with compilers/local host which help in deployment of the code. E.g web development is time consuming and one has to be very conscious so as not to make mistakes. Big organizations like Google have been very helpful in development.
Even after several efforts developers still find it time consuming.


This is a decentralized application development automation which make the development of big apps much more easier. Buddy makes developers concentrate more on making the applications/software catchy to the user. Buddy engineers the time consuming part which is boring but still giving the developer full power over the development so he can make changes where he feels it's necessary. In cases where a group of developers are to work on one application using different languages a platform which can interpret and execute the various languages would be best and that's where Buddy comes in and tops all existing platforms. It's interface is not just easy for developers to use but even those who aren't familiar with development wouldn't find it tasking.

Buddy Brief Story

Established in the year 2015. The team commenced work on developing a platform to help minimize repetition of commands which tend to give the same outcome that developers and organizations have to carry out.
It's aim is to allow developers concentrate on the actual product which matters and to enable efficient development across all blockchains. It has established partnership with outstanding organizations like MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, GETHUB e.t.c

Challenges facing Development

Currently software development is extremely advanced and greatly time consuming. Majority of the programmers utilizes multiple of applications in order to bring the final product to completion, this applies to desktop/mobile/web application software.
When a larger number of developers team up to work on an application, they tend to utilize various programming languages which have to communicate with one another as well as the database. This gives room for multiple and not easily traced errors.
Requirement that must be met

  • Tests should be carried out for credibility and optimization.
  • Collaboration with a chain of developers who are working on different components and making sure the components can work together in synergy.
  • Configuring and maintaining of the infrastructure which could last forever.

Advantage of Buddy over others

  • It optimizes and streamlines the development and collaboration aspect of building applications on the blockchain.
  • It doesn't just make the task easier for existing developers but it also encourages new developers to enter the remote blockchain development.
  • It helps take care of the time-consuming and redundant part of developing.
  • Gives the developer the opportunity to concentrate on their core product, design and user interface.

Buddy System

The system can be broken down into three(3) which works in form of stages to tackle the issues of application development through the following determined solution.

Whitepaper page26
Building an automation script to help developers who are working on blockchain projects, Buddy is able to help cutting the amount of time the developers spends on repetitive tasks. This is done by a maintenance and deployment tool. It currently supports EOS and I believe it would be working on adding others such as ETH which is widely used.

  • Automation Market Place
    Whitepaper page9
    As the name implies its where purchase and selling of Automation script takes place. This exchanges are carried out using the BUD Token. This serves as the platform store house and allows for free and premium selection of Automation scripts that developers can find useful to Automate all types of tasks. Developers are also free to create their own script and earn from it.

  • Private Automation GRID
    Whitepaper page14
    It is used to run private instance of Buddy. It would be making use of auto discovery and replication to allow for stability on the platform. By using Private Automation GRID, application developers and organizations can be able to automate the whole development and deployment process. This means that the automation process offered by Buddy would be capable of running a local or private hardware environment.

  • Shared Automation GRID
    Whitepaper page16
    Shared Automation Grid shares similar properties with the Private Automation GRID. The Shared Automation GRID allows others on the Buddy platform to run some of the instances to manage and reduce resources intensive tasks.

Combination of PAG and SAG

Whitepaper page17
They can be incorporated into working with one another in such a way that the Private Automation GRID would be used in deploying the software and Shared Automation GRID would perform the function of testing and running the deployed software. Therefore if numerous amount of tests are to be run on a software, several Buddy instances can be deployed at the same time with respect to the project size.


  • “Buddy was the first CD/CI I was actually able to get working with. I can rely on the Buddy team - they deliver!“
    Luke DeBoer
    Developer at SetHero
  • “Running up an environment to run tests is the quickest comparing to others. Also file transfer speed is definitely the winner.“
    David McGregor
    QA Developer at Energoconsulting
  • “Buddy is, without a doubt, the most amazing asset to me and my team. Blazing fast, makes Continuous Development an absolute breeze.“
    Mark Bloomfield item
    Lead Developer at Wonderland Collective

Working Platform

To access a short video on how the user interfaces looks like click here
Buddy has a working product which can be accessed by creating an account. Creating an account allows for the opportunity to choose from a list of well established platforms for the purpose of resource management. For example Bit Bucket, Gitlab, Github, including their Buddy Git Hosting platform.
It keeps record of all previously done projects so if I have a project and I login it let's me choose from the list of my projects I have under a particular platform. For example BuddyGit Hosting shows all Buddy Git Hosting applications I have associated to my account.


It can be used in the development of complex projects on EOS network by creating advanced pipelines to be applied to the Git branches.
Developers have the opportunity to test the smart contract. Most of this applications are used for the transfer of values(token) so they need to be properly tested to ensure stability, secured and integrated. All this are important factors which cannot be overlooked.
With Buddy I no longer have to manually test or run variety of tests locally which can take a longer time because everytime I push a commit to the branch, Buddy helps build and test the EOSIO smart contracts.

BUD Token

Whitepaper page40
Having over 7,000 developers who utilize Buddy tools for their everyday project, the platform used BUD token to create an economy for developers. This would be in form of a market or store in which developers can purchase from the Automation Market and as well allow the. To utilize the Automation GRIDs. As other platform operates, developers would be able to earn from sharing their tools on the platform and other user can purchase them using the BUD token.

Node Earning

Joining the Buddy economy I can act as a node for the Automation Grid and earn from my computer being utilized to run tasks for developers.




This are the people who have devoted their time to make sure Buddy was a success.

For more information visit the below links





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