Introducing Traid, The Blockchain Project that will revolutionalize the crypto ecosystem, a solution to crypto adoption

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“Experience...” they say “ is the best teacher”, but in reality, is it? Several people have gone through the gruesome training of experience in one area of their lives or another and they have almost certainly made up their mind that they would never try such a thing again.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, new entrants find it very difficult to navigate the cryptocurrency ecosystem, majorly due to the scarcity of honest traders who are ready to mentor new entrants. Some go as far as joining some telegram signal groups, which eventually end up promoting shitty coins and causing these new entrants to lose their money on the process.

FOMO and FUD adverse effects on cryptocurrency has caused many crypto traders to loose their money and have no profits, owing to the fact that they have no proper knowledge of price analysis and behavioral changes in the cryptocurrency market.

Moreover, centralized social network websites exploits content creators by taking a large chunk of revenue generated from their contents, between (40-80)%, making most content creators to believe that much revenue cannot be generated from content creation
source: Triad Whitepaper, pg 5

How wonderful it would be to have a platform that tackles the problems associated with cryptocurrency education in a way that would benefit both content creators, new entrants, and service providers in a decentralized manner, creating a win-win for everyone.

Introducing Traid

Traid is a cryptocurrency and education initiative based on blockchain technology that is aimed at mass adoption of cryptocurrency by bringing everyone into the cryptocurrency space and making everyone active participants of the cryptocurrency space by incentivizing participation.

Traid is offering a direct and decentralized platform where everyone can have a real-time educational experience on cryptocurrency- an ecosystem that serves as a rendezvous for educators, students and service providers, incentivizing content creators and enabling new entrants into the cryptocurrency space to receive good coaching and effective knowledge-base.

Traid is planning to create the world’s first crypto trading and education platform which will encourage the continuous learning of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, help members gain professional trading skills, and enable content creators earn rewards for sharing their knowledge on the platform as instructors.

Video Streaming and The Introduction of Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Protocol

Traid was born out of the need for honest and reliable crypto education, which is hosted by a community of experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts, with no hidden agenda.
To achieve this, Traid offers a live video education platform that is highly scalable, decentralized, thoroughly incentivized using crypto and effectively leads to a solution that will enable crypto enthusiasts get investments ideologies and learn from the trading sequences of expert traders.
The normal video streaming protocols avaulable and used in live streaming websites utilizes an algorithm that causes loss of data of users and downloads entire video everytime users reloads the videos, skips or refreshes, this is too tasking and innefficient as it wastes time, resources and energy.

Traid platform on the other hand utilizes a type of Adaptive Bitrate Protocol known as HTTP Live Streaming, whic produces video delivery in an effective way and in the highest usable quality for each user on the platform.
This is done by efficiently spliiting the videos into several streams and sequences of smaller HTTP Based HLS downloads of different quality levels, to enforce multiple rendition of each video in different resolutions for different devices, which is hosted on different servers that acts as nodes of the decentralized ecosystem, ensuring that there is no single point of failure.

This is the current gold standard for live streaming and the most up-to-date and widely used protocol.
source: Triad Whitepaper, pg 9

Competitive Edge of Traid Platform and Why You Should Invest In Traid

Traid platform has a whole lot of features that gives the platform a competitive edge over other platforms that are similar and related to Traid, asides the fact that Traid platform is the first crypto education and trading platform in the world, based on blockchain technology and the plethora of very experienced crypto traders waiting for the launch of the platform, there are several other features that makes Traid platform a great invetsment portfolio for any cryptocurrency enthusiast including:
• Offers easy entrance into the cryptocurrency Market
• A team of excellent customer service
• Worldwide reach
• Tremendous ROI
• Dedicated and Trustworthy Team
Source:[ Traid Whitepaper, pg 11](

Fair Content Monetization

Traid platform ensures fair content monetization, as content creators are incentivized for their contents based on the quality of their contents, also content creators receive 90% of the total revenue generated from their contents.
Traid Platform introduces low transaction fees as a means to foster massive adoption of cryptocurrency, Traid charges 10% of revenue allocated from contents, which includes advertisement, premium subscription fees and donation revenues.

Traid platform works with a very simplified algorithm, Create, Earn and Learn. Traid is a platform created by traders FOR traders

Traid Coin

Traid Coin is the utility Coin of the Traid which serves as a store of value and also as the token for incentivizing contents on the platform. To ensure effective liquidity and utilization of the Traid Coin, the platform will give 50% discount to users who utilizes the Traid Coin for premium subscription.

Coin specifications:

Algo Scrypt
Block time: 120 Seconds
Max Coin Supply: 252 000 000 TRAID
Difficulty Retargeting Every Block
Masternode Collateral: 60 000 TRAID
Coinbase Maturity: 32 Blocks
Stake Minimum Age: 3 Hours
P2P Port 53569
RPC Port 53568

Traid RoadMap:

Traid Partners:

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Exchange and Listings sites:


For More Information, Do Check the Below Links:

Official Pool
Official Explorer

Please Tell Me your Ideas About Traid, i will be glad to hear from you...

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Great Article you have here, @IamChijamz, am totally convinced that this platform is a good one, i really want to be a part of it, as always, you give us wonderful projects to invest in...


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This is a very wonderful review, wow.. Thank you so much for this @iamchijamz, BTW, how can we invest here?


you can buy TRAID Coin from any of the exchanges listed above, especially, cryptobridge

Awesome project... @chijamz respect on how your illustrate this project... Wheldon


thanks boss, nice of you to come around, i appreciate

From all i have read so far the innovation is big and will hit the mark quicker than expected.the vision is quite massive and if plans fall into place ,it gives its members an advantage in the crypto-world


thanks boss, TRAID is really a good project to invest into

I can see its been listed on many exchanges,What is the amount of Masternodes sales for this project?


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This is an absolute and detailed review, gave the whole breakdown of all I need to know.
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