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The Bullion trade industry has experienced a lot of over-the-counter trades, involving sales and purchases of gold and silver bars across several planes and territories. Bullion market is the source of the gold and silver bars quotes of all markets.
The challenge of price volatility is one of the basic challenges of the monetary system of the world, as most countries utilize asset-backed currency and their economies are largely based on the amount and value of Bullion in the national treasury.

In the cryptocurrency world, the use of any particular cryptocurrency is dependent on its liquidity and most time, investors decide to hold a coin because of its high value- in a sense, value is accrued to a cryptocurrency because of the ability of the coin to be held by investors, and not to be circulated or utilized.
Having a stable currency as a medium of exchange would entail that particular currency having the ability to be utilized as a store of value and as a medium of exchange, curbing the adverse effects of volatility on liquidity and having a world-wide asset(s) of value backing it.

Introducing Kinesis

Kinesis is a blockchain project that is targeted at overcoming the drawbacks of severe price volatility and other challenges of blockchain and cryptocurrencies through the introduction of a universally adopted, decentralized, and asset-backed monetary system.
Kinesis plans to create a monetary system that incorporates all existing monetary systems and innovates them all into one stable monetary economy that has stable currencies which serves as stores for value, means of exchange and also incentivizes participants in this ecosystem.


Kinesis Monetary System’s vision is the evolution of the monetary system available in the world, enhancing money as both a store of value and as a medium of exchange, benefiting everyone that participates in the exchange of value.

Kinesis Monetary System has a mission to deliver an internationally fungible system that incentivizes the participants, creating a global solution to the insatiable need of sound and reliable monetary system.

Kinesis Monetary System stimulates the movement of capital by rewarding the users of its currency, encouraging commerce and economic supply.

The system is built in such a way that it will perpetually incentivize users and serve as a stimuli for money velocity, assuring influx by using a very attractive risk/reward ratio for investors and encouraging a high stimulated exchange of value from the incentives strategies.

Kinesis platform achieves this by >giving a 1:1 direct allocation of assets backing the currencies in the system, and then attaching a unique and multifaceted yield system that promotes exchange and fairly shares the wealth generated according to participation and capital velocity.

Primary Elements of Kinesis

1. Gold and Silver:

Kinesis Gold and silver currencies( KAU and KAG) are backed up 1:1 to Gold and silver respectively,which have been known to be the greatest and most trusted store of value.

2. Yield:

Yields from economic activities like tradings activities and exchange of cryoptocurrencies, fiat and other value backed assets, are generated and perpetually shared between participants in the ecosystem.

3. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Trading:

The introduction of blockchain technology to Kinesis encourages
Efficiency and effectiveness in all activities surrounding trading and exchanges of currencies. The security of this particular element would span across every other facets of the Kinesis Monetary System

Features of Kinesis Monetary System that will cause a change in the way users interact with gold and silver

1. Efficiency:

The Blockchain industry introduces efficiency to any platform it is inter-twined with, Kinesis utilizes a decentralized infrastructure to enable efficiency of delivery. Kinesis is venturing into the Crypto Market, Gold and Silver Market, Fiat Exchange Market and Asset Investments markets, and to thrive in these markets, there is need for efficiency of delivery. Hence, the introduction of blockchain technology would serve for efficiency of transactions.

2. Security:

With the utilization of blockchain technology, transactions are immutable and are unable to be mutilated, and transactions are encrypted in blocks aover the decentralized ledger, hence security of all participants are ensured. Kinesis Platform ensures the security of all the participants in the platform through the use of an encrypted decentralized system.

3. Fairness:

Kinesis Monetary System utilized a fair and transparent system of rewards for participants, as a platform that ensures dividends for participants, in form of minters yield, holders yield, depositors yield, and affiliate yield, Kinesis utilizes a decentralized system for ensuring all transactions are done in a transparent manner.

Why Kinesis have less volatility

Involves less volatility by Incentivizing Commercial Exchange of both cryptocurrencies, gold and silver bars,precious stones and metals, fiats and other assets of value.

This is made possible through the combination of the new decentralized blockchain technology and the oldest, fairest and most suitable form of money, to empower and serve the interest of everyone capitalistically and equally

Source: Whitepaper

Kinesis will attract capital and investments from the following markets:

Cryptocurrency market

Gold and Silver Market

Fiat Currency Market

Investment Asset Market

How the know how from ABX translate into successful execution for kinesis

Kinesis has as their strategic partner, Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) company, which has several years of experience and exposure in the bullion Market and has also partnered with Deutsche Borse Group, who in turn are associated with an European Commodity Clearing Settlement, these strategic partnerships and collaborations will relate to successful execution of Kinesis project because these companies have years of experience in these industries.

Kinesis Developmental Sequence

Kinesis Monetary System projects would be carried out in two major events:

1. Initial Token Offering:

This involves the initial token offering of the Kinesis Velocity Token, an ERC-2O Compliant token based on the ethereum blockchain that serves as a capital raising utility for the KMS. Investors and holders of KVT earn percentages of transaction fees from various business units within the KMS.

KVT Token is currently in pre-sale, public sale would commence on 10th of September, 2018

2. Initial Coin Offering:

This would entail the initial coin offering of the Kinesis Currency suites of products, each of the products backed 1:1 by direct allocated precious metals
ICO Date is set at November 12th, 2018

SUMMARY OF Kinesis Monetary System’s solutions

KinesisMonetary System is a system designed with certain principles in mind, all of these principles are aimed at addressing one challenge or another in the economic industry, some of these solutions includes:
• Addressing the volatility and low liquidity problems of the cryptocurrency markets
• Addressing the devaluation and inflation issues arising in fiat currency markets, and the problematic nature of having a centralized authority in this particular monetary system.
• Addressing Asset-backed currency problems through the use of Gresham’s law, high yield and effective security
• Addressing Bullion Market Problems including archaic and insufficient markets, siloed market and limited resources, entry barriers and market access issues.

Featured Components of Kinesis

Kinesis is a one-stop solution to the challenges of the monetary systems of the world as it incorporates functional features from several monetary systems making it a full scale solution. The features includes:






Benefits of Kinesis over OTC Alternatives

Unlike other traditional currency alternatives, Kinesis Monetary Systems utilizes multiple currencies with not just asset backing but also with technologies that will ensure more benefits to users, the benefits of Kinesis over OTCs are exceptional and they includes:
Kinesis Currency Specifications:
This involves a proprietory blockchain Network forked off the stellar blockchain Network specially made for the Kinesis currency suite:
Kinesis Gold Currency (KAU) and Gold Wholesale Currency(KWG)
Kinesis Silver Currency(KAG) and Silver Wholesale Contract(KWS)

 Velocity-Based Yield System:
Kinesis Currency Suite will provide a stabilizing force on the economy, while its use will be highly incentivized, stimulating velocity. The velocity-based incentivized system includes:
• Minter’s yield
• Holder’s yield
• Affiliate yield
• Depositor’s yield

Kinesis RoadMap and Launch Timeline

launch timeline:

Kinesis Team:

Executive Team:

Operational team:

Development Team:

Kinesis Advisors:

Introductory video:

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