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Dear Community

WOX Exchange is performing a very good as per the market conditions , it's been 3 month price is very stable and many investors have faith in the project.

Let's have some analysis regarding the project.

Website - https://woxdefi.app/
Liquidity Pool - https://tron.justmoney.exchange/?from=TRX&t=swap&to=WOX


Price - $0.035, TVL - $25850.602. ,Market Cap - $48344.507 , Total Supply -10000000 sWOX
Circulating Supply - 10000000 sWOX , Investors - 75 Token Burn - 49000 wox apx


@abuse-watcher @hungry-griffin why no prior warning given before downvote , instead you start downvoting the content. As per your post downvoting will be last option. First you need to give a warning then if person don't follow you can downvote.

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Come here to resolve your issue. Any downvote is not final. It can be removed any time if you satisfy us.



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