Liquidity Network your new option

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How does Liquidity's ability to scale and support millions of users make it better than current solutions?

Liquidity network is a simple network which has different characteristics such as being simple, private, scalable and transparent. Liquidity network seeks a global adoption to support millions of users, and has a very solid base, built on block chains.

Liquidity Network is an option for those users who want to improve their experience in the blockchains, allowing immediate transfers through their chain of blocks, which have security, transparency.

One of the interesting data that attracts the attention of users is the following ... The movement of money or crypto is done for free, without subtracting percentages for transfers or additional charges.

All this makes liquidity Network the best option for users over others. In addition to helping users save and obtain better scalability, it provides solutions to everyday problems such as the speed of transactions.

How is Liquidity's ability to make efficient out-of-chain centers solve the problems of high transaction costs?

Using a liquidity network Nocust Hub allows non-custodial transactions outside the chain.
It also has different types of algorithms, which through different hubs allow payments to be made outside the chain. This is one of the reasons why low cost is maintained, and allows optimal operation of the platform.

What are the benefits of maintaining control of your private keys in the same way you would with decentralized services while computing is handled by an efficient centralized server?

The existence of private keys allows users a wide range of freedom to manage their money, allowing them to join freely and at pleasure to different hubs, or send money at will, this last through the so-called advanced protocol revive.

Another great benefit for users when using a private key is that they can create servers outside the chain, these working with a smart contract. These servers work as a type of store for the user with the private key of that server, allowing him to manage the funds.

How does the Liquitidy Network adapt to allow true decentralization and efficient transfer of funds?

Liquitidy Network allows true decentralization by allowing users to create their own servers, of course, through certain stipulated contracts. An efficient transfer of funds is also possible thanks to the low costs and efficiency in the payment centers.


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