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What is ONAM?

ONAM is a cryptocurrency exchange platform (blockchains). ONAM despite belonging to this group, is different because it offers multiple benefits over others to users who prefer it.

What are some of the great features offered by ONAM?

As you read earlier, ONAM has features that differentiate it from other platforms. These are both tools for the use of users and benefits that they can obtain by using ONAM for their transactions.

1- Margin Trading: Higher purchasing power with low interest rates. The Marge Trading allows users to obtain greater profit, thanks to the small fees for transactions made.
2- Advanced order types
3- Loans: Users can make loans with which they will generate an income by rate or interest. This is a power that the user acquires.
4- Paper trading: Paper trading is a simulation for those people who are starting in the world of trading. With this tool, novice users can practice without putting their assets and capital at risk.
5- Predictions of market conditions and variations
6- Social media
7- Advanced Charting: This tool is very important for those users who investigate more thoroughly the characteristics and history of their cryptocurrencies, since the advanced charting tool allows to optimize the historical research of the product, currency, etc.
8- News and news notices: The platform generates notices to users about information that could be of great importance to them.
9- User interface in several languages ​​Language: This is very important, since it offers the convenience of understanding the platform more to users who speak different languages. This generates more confidence for the use of it.
10- Multilingual support 24/7 LIVE Chat Chat: It has technical support 24 hours a day, with multilingual moderators who provide help and support to users with each of their problems within the platform
These are just some of the features that differentiate ONAM from other platforms.

Why is ONAM's goal of working with regulators to comply with standards so important?

The regulators allow the continuous handling of information and data referring to the market of the crypts. ONAM aims to improve the security of users within its platform, and therefore they place special emphasis on working hand in hand with regulators.

The monitoring and continuous management on the data, allows to maintain a stability and security among the users.

How will ONAM's super low rates benefit the merchant?

The lower the rates established by the platform or blockchain, the more profit users obtain per transaction.

The high rates implemented in different platforms discourage some users, for this reason ONAM tries to help these users. Allowing these to increase your profits.

What is the benefit of combining the many financial tools in a platform with ONAM?

The financial tools offered to users through the ONAM platform greatly benefit them. The use of these gives more facilities to users when it comes to moving within the platform.

Having several tools for user convenience ONAM becomes one of the best options for investors and traders.

What is the impact of having the fastest transaction capacity of all existing exchanges (10 million transactions per second instead of 2 million transactions per second)?

According to statistics, the average number of transactions per second that can be made by thedifferent exchange platforms is 2 million per second, this despite being a high number does not compare with the processing speed handled by ONAM.

ONAM has a processing speed of 10 million transactions per second. Numbers well above the average, thus giving unmatched performance and speed when compared to other platforms

How will ONAM's dedication to customer service increase customer confidence and improve usability?

At ONAM, customer service is a priority. This has been demonstrated by the number of tools and aids that it offers.

We know that customers prefer a friendly and reliable platform, for this reason ONAM is so dedicated to them.


Use cases

Carlos is a guy who has a lot of steem. Carlos wants to make a purchase in bitcoins, but he needs an exchange platform that is safe and friendly with the client.

Researcher discovers about the benefits offered by ONAM and decides to make their exchanges by this means. Carlos currently uses ONAM for any transaction he makes, since he is delighted with the great service provided by the platform.



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